Study: Over 15 Percent of Venezuelans Eat from the Trash

The More Consulting poll showed the harsh situation, which make Venezuelans feed on trash (YouTube)
A More Consulting poll shows the harsh situation many Venezuelans go through to eat enough to survive.(YouTube)

EspañolA new study adds to the mounting evidence that Venezuela just doesn’t have enough food to go around.

At least 15 percent of Venezuelans eat out of the trash, according to a study conducted by More Consulting between August 8 and 12.

The study revealed that Venezuelans manage to scrap enough together in various ways. Fifty-two percent have to resort to re-sellers, while more than 36 percent have to exchange food with relatives and friends. More than 45 percent get food at private supermarkets.

More than 72 percent of Venezuelans — surpassing 21 million people — do not have an adequate diet. In contrast, only 24.8 percent of citizens have adequate food consisting of proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits.

More Consulting polled more than 2,000 people to obtain these numbers, which revealed that nearly 48 percent of Venezuelans are not adequately nourished. More than 24 percent of people are suffering a critical food situation without enough protein or carbohydrates.

The survey also showed that most people in Venezuela fear the possibility of running out of food.  They live under the worry of getting their food.

According to More Consulting, 88.9 percent have feared, at some point, of running out of food at home.

Nearly 53.9 percent of Venezuelans said that at least once, they have gone to bed hungry.

Source: Diario Las Américas

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