Survey: Only One in 10 Venezuelans Now Support Nicolás Maduro

88% of Venezuelans believe that the economic crisis has worsened in the hands of Nicolas Maduro. (El informador Web)
Eighty-eight percent of Venezuelans believe the economic crisis has worsened in the hands of Nicolás Maduro. (El informador Web)

EspañolAs if Nicolás Maduro didn’t have enough problems on his hands, the President of Venezuela’s approval rating has now fallen to nearly 10 percent, according to the latest survey conducted by the polling organization Keller.

Maduro’s popularity dropped to 11.6 percent, in line with the 83 percent who said they would be willing to vote to revoke his power if given the chance.

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Eighty-eight percent of Venezuelans said they believed the country’s economic crisis (which includes shortage of food and basic medical supplies) has worsened significantly, according to ABC. Ninety-four said they believed the military are unable to handle food distribution.

Feeling this pressure, Maduro appointed General Nestor Reverol to Minister of Interior and Justice

The former Minister of Defense Fernando Ochoa Antich told ABC the appointment “is reckless, irresponsible and unusual.”

Source: ABC

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