Colombian President Threatens Bloodshed if FARC Peace Deal Fails

President Santos made a rousing call for Colombians to back peace the process
President Santos made a rousing call for Colombians to back peace the talks. (Con la oreja roja)

EspañolColombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos announced on Thursday, June 16, that he possesses information confirming that FARC guerrilla members are preparing to renew hostilities should the ongoing peace talks with the government fail.

“How do I know we will be back to war? We have confirmed information that they’re prepared to go back to war, and specifically urban war, which is more demolishing than rural war. This is a reality, I know it, and this is why it’s so important that we reach an agreement,” the president warned Colombians.

Santos sent a call to the nation to unite forces to achieve the peace agreements.

Furthermore, the president rejected accusations that his adminstration had become too close with FARC during the peace process.

“They claim I am close to FARC as a critique to the process,” Santos said. “I don’t get it. FARC called me the executioner because nobody has hit them harder militarily, and this has allowed us to sit down and negotiate.”

To avoid “possible bloodshed,” the president made a call to vote yes for the peace talks. “If the plebiscite isn’t approved, we go back to war,” he explained. “It has been said that voting “no” will give more jail time to those guilty of crimes. The whole negotiation is integral.”

Colombian Social Media Erupts

In the wake of the announcement, Colombian politicians and citizens took to social media to express outrage of what they interpreted as a veiled threat.

The hashtag #SantosAmenazaConGuerra (“Santos threatens with war”) became a trending topic on Twitter.

“Talk of urban FARC war is pure irresponsible alarmism from Juan Manuel Santos”

“It’s a said day for democracy when the country’s own president threatens citizens with urban war”

“That’s why Colombia must be ready; war hides behind the false peace [with FARC]”

“They are exactly the same: While Maduro threatens the opposition-controlled Congress in Venezuela, Santos threatens citizens with war in Colombia.”

Source: Bluradio.

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