Uber Bus App to Disrupt Mexican Public Transportation

UpperBus trips will will cost less than US $5. (Provincia)

EspañolMexico will be the first Latin American country to feature a private bus service on demand, where users have the benefit of an affordable Uber-like service combined with a public transportation system.

The Uber-provided service is called “UpperBus” and will begin operating in Mexico City. It’s aimed at people who need transportation over long distances.

For the moment there are already several confirmed routes; however, users can suggest others that will be created if there is sufficient demand.

To use the private service, a customer must download the application UpperBus on a mobile device — available on iOS and Android — register, then select the desired route and date.

However, the service will work similar to traditional public transport. Specific boarding locations will exist, meaning a user can’t get on and off everywhere.

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Once the user has chosen a bus, they can choose any seat without altering the cost.

Each trip will cost MEX $85 (US $4.58) and can be paid via credit or debit card, with PayPal or transfers.

This alternative emerges as an important solution to the serious problem Mexico City faces regarding public transportation as well as to reduce heavy traffic in the city.

Source: UnoTV, El Siglo de Torreón, Provincia

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