Sanders Begins Campaign Layoffs After Month of Primary Losses

Sanders said he plans to rehire people after the California primary. (Wikimedia)

EspañolAfter losing against Hillary Clinton in the Super Tuesday on April 26, Bernie Sanders said he would have to start laying off hundreds of employees working for his campaign, according to The New York Times.

“We had a great quantity of people that were designated all 50 states,” the Vermont Senator told the Times in an interview.

“Hundreds of members…And we have already dealt with 40 states. So much of our staff is great,” Sanders said.

Sanders emphasized he would be concentrating his campaign on the upcoming elections in California, where he is designating the majority of his resources in hopes of obtaining a majority of delegates before the convention.

“If we win in California, each and every one of the great people that have helped until now would return to being contracted,” he said. “But unfortunately, right now we have to use all of our resources in the remaining states.”

The reduction of employees on the Sanders campaign doesn’t mean that the senator has planned to abandon the contest, he said. In fact, Sanders maintained that he would keep running for the Democratic nomination at least until the end of the summer.

Various sources including Politico said the senator is planning to make important changes to his campaign so as to focus resources on influencing Hillary supporters.

On the other hand, the senator has had a difficult month since losing crucial elections in New York and Pennsylvania.

This Tuesday, April 27, Sanders was only able to win in Rhode Island, while Hillary won in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Connecticut.

Fuente: The Daily Beast, CNN.

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