Cruz Names Fiorina VP in Final Push for Republican Nomination

Cruz Fiorina
Cruz tapped Carly Fiorina this week to be his vice president — an unprecedented move (JTF News)

EspañolTed Cruz announced Wednesday, April 27 that Carly Fiorina will be his running-mate should he win the Republican nomination.

“From the start I have said that the most important attributes for a vice president is that he or she should be prepared for whatever situation including to assume the role of president should it be necessary; to be the Commander in Chief, maintain the security of the country, guarantee work liberty and security,” Cruz said.

At first Cruz promised to give a “big announcement” in Indianapolis, but the media knew immediately that it was concerning the decision to name Carly Fiorina his vice president. The information was also confirmed by an advisor to Fiorina.

That afternoon, Fiorina addressed Cruz followers, saying, “I am honored and proud to announce to accept the offer Ted Cruz has made to me to be his Vice President.”

During a rally with Cruz, Fiorina said she knows Cruz and his family well, indicating that he is the best option for the Republican party.

The senator took this measure, which many have described as desperate, in a moment that sees competitor Donald Trump dominating the polls and primaries — having won five more states this Tuesday, April 26.

The news site Vox said that the move follows almost no precedent except for when Ronald Reagan named Senator Richard Schweiker as his vice president weeks before the Republican National Convention in an attempt to revive his poor chances again President Gerald Ford. The move was not successful and Ford won the nomination.

Normally, a vice president isn’t named until the candidate has won the nomination, and is speaking at the National Convention.

Donald Trump, who currently has double the number of delegates as Cruz and who appears to be destined to represent the Republican Party in the General Election, still has not named a running mate.

Fuente: Vox, DailyMail.

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