Havana Police Remove Homeless in Preparation for Chanel Fashion Show

May 3 will be the first time Chanel fashion show debuts in Cuba. (Wikimedia)

EspañolPolice removed homeless people normally found around Havana’s Cathedral Square in preparation for a fashion show held by French company Chanel, according to Cuban reporter Yoani Sánchez.

“#Cuba: Police evicted beggars of Cathedral Square to prepare the place for the Chanel parade.”

The parade taking place May 3 will showcase a line of clothing from German designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Fashion House announced plans for the parade in a statement last October.

“The cultural richness and the opening of Cuba to the world became a source of inspiration for Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel,” the statement said.

Between April 28 and May 12, there will also be an exhibition called Obra en Proceso — or “Work in Progress” — where Lagerfeld plans to present a photo exhibition.

The parade will be presented at the Paseo del Prado in Havana, and the exhibition will be available in the Havana Factor, an experimental center for the presentation of new art.

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This will be the first time that Chanel has hosted a parade or any other activity of this kind in Latin America or the Caribbean.

Previously, the Paco Rabanne Fashion House hosted a parade in Cuba in 1999.

Source: Quién.

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