The Establishment’s Silent Coup Against Donald Trump

Silent Coup Against Donald Trump
Donald Trump has been a lone wolf since he announced his candidacy. (Time)

EspañolThere is no doubt that President of the United States Donald Trump is a controversial figure, and out of the ordinary.

His personality highlights his political inexperience. For the most part, he says what he thinks and thinks what he wants. We know that he is populist but I dare say that he is a sincere populist, unlike the traditional populists. The message he communicates is genuine. That, to me, no matter how much I disagree with his doctrine, is worth more than most of the judgement of all other politicians combined.

I will not deny that I like Trump’s style, because honestly I’m tired of the traditional hypocritical politician who says what people want to hear. I prefer the politician that says what I do not want to hear instead of saying what I want to hear, simply to get my vote, as that opportunism is what has made democracy so corruptible and imperfect.

Trump does not hide his ideals, nor his opinion and makes it clear to us that whether we like it or not, he’s going to stick by his way of thinking and nobody will make him change his mind. The person in the White House is not a politician, but a citizen who, though he is far richer than us, is a simple human being like you and me.

Personally, I do not like many of his policies. But I understand that life can’t be lived without some pragmatism. For example, I believe in immigration and believe in the freedom that individuals have to move around the world, but I also know that a nation must keep its people safe. I am aware that one of the reasons the United States has so many enemies abroad is due to the way in which it has directed its foreign policy, especially during the last 16 years under the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. But as a pragmatist I understand that the enemies of the nation are real, seeking to do harm by attacking the civilian population through terrorist means.

It has been clear from the start that the establishment does not endorse Donald Trump. That same establishment, which at the time was a donor of political campaigns, today seeks to destabilize his administration. All this got me thinking and when I saw Julian Assange’s Twitter posts a few days ago, I told myself that I had to write this column.

We all know that Julian Assange and his famous Wikileaks, unlike politicians and traditional media, have a high record of credibility and truthfulness, always being careful not to release information that isn’t credible even if it is fiercely denied by politicians and traditional media outlets after the fact.

Assange claims Hillary Clinton is quietly pressing for a takeover through Vice President Michael Pence. According to her, Pence is “predictable and therefore defeatable.”

Assange wrote that two intelligence officers close to the vice president alleged they are planning to seize power through Pence, but Assange never stated that Pence is aware of this alleged coup.

The curious part about all this is that last November 23, when Trump was already President-Elect, political commentator Keith Olbermann and brilliant propagandist for the Democratic Party, presented the realistic possibility that Vice President Pence could replace Trump. Olbermann said that if that happens, it would be thanks to a dark provision of the constitution that has never been used.

Before Trump’s inauguration, mainstream media was already talking about Trump failing to complete its term.

Olberman’s television program managed to get his message across to a much wider audience, including viewers who voted for Trump in the election. He was practically inviting voters of the Trump-Pence formula to only support Pence. That way, the Democratic Party, neoconservatives of the Republican Party and the establishment, lay the foundations for a possible silent coup.

All of us who follow and analyze American politics know that Speaker Paul Ryan and Vice President Pence greatly admire each other, dating back to the days when Pence was a member of Congress. For Ryan, a hypothetical President Pence would be spectacular. It would be like a Ryan 2.0 in office.

There is no doubt that Trump and Ryan have had power struggles that Ryan has apparently won. On March 7, Trump said people should be “proud” of the health plan proposed by the Republican majority of the House of Representatives, which would replace Obamacare. Paul Ryan had proposed the plan. Trump showed that he knows that there is no way that a health reform of his authorship could be approved in a Republican-majority Congress. The focus that Trump has taken in recent weeks has been to support the neo-conservatives and the establishment of the Republican Party.

In the same way that he has tried to survive the clash of the Republican Party leadership, leaning on supporting the neoconservatives, Trump has tried to survive the onslaught of the establishment and Wall Street (who leaned toward Hillary in the election) by naming billionaires and members of the establishment in his cabinet.

But it isn’t working. Trump’s difficulty in gaining support from the establishment continued even after the elections. That’s why there are bets that he will be replaced before his term expires. Even on January 19, the day before his inauguration, The Independent published an article saying that in America, “there are growing bets that Trump will fail to complete his term.” That is not normal, and though we know that very few things about Trump are normal, failure to win over the establishment and neoconservatives should be a red alert.

It seems that no matter how much President Trump tries to govern alongside Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Paul Ryan, nothing is working to win over the establishment, and only the people can help him defeat the establishment — the same ones who helped him win in November.

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