Cubans Have Made a Deal with the Devil

Los cubanos se quejan de su explotación, pero marchan todos los 1 de mayo (Diario Correo)
Cubans complain about their exploitation, but never fail to march every May 1. (Diario Correo)

EspañolJehovah’s Witnesses believe that in the year 1914, the Kingdom of Heaven was installed, and the Devil was cast down to dwell in on Earth.

It would seem that Cuba since 1959 has been one of his residences of choice, and will continue to be for some time to come: he’s managed to become part of the very mindset and values of many of the Cuban people.

It’s painful for me to say this, but not doing it would make me an accomplice in something which I abhor.

It’s repugnant to live in a society of starving slaves, knowing that its members know full well that their all-powerful, all-knowing clique of rulers are the only ones to blame for their miserable lives — and despite that, they attack those who dare to speak out, even their own children, in order to please their masters.

Since the very moment that the Devil installed himself in Cuba, many Cuban mothers and fathers have spurned their children when they decided to risk their lives in search of liberty and their own well-being in the United States, the Devil’s implacable enemy.

Imagine renouncing your own children for not accepting the Communist Party card that signals you out today as a shiner of the Devil’s boots! However, the Devil today calls on these same abandoned children to return and invest the fruits of their liberty in Cuba. And as if that weren’t enough, he’s negotiating a shameful friendship with the enemy to the north!

Can one live happily in a nation where the greater part of the country betrays, insults, and attacks their brothers who, unlike them, have the courage to stand up to the regime? Where they also call on their children to rob, embezzle, and commit other crimes to survive, only to later imprison them?

Can one live in a society where the only ideology that exists is “every man for himself,” and the absence of minimal human values and feeling rules?

Cubans live to complain that their salaries are miserable. However, every May 1 they line up in front of the Devil with their smiling and happy faces, bestowing him with flattering and adulatory slogans, when in reality they should be protesting.

Workers know that the unions don’t resolve anything, and are just another tentacle of the Devil to finance his rule. But they’d rather stop buying a treat for their children than stop paying their union dues, demonstrating their hypocrisy. The same happens with all the political and social organizations of the country, imposed or created by the Leviathan.

Just the other day, returning home after enjoying two hours of internet use thanks to the solidarity of the Swedish Embassy, I witnessed two corrupt and abusive police (hardly a rarity in Cuba) steal some mangoes from two young people, almost children, who were selling them.

Meanwhile, the sale of alcohol on the black market is ever greater, despite growing numbers of victims of poisoning. Here the agents of public order appear to see nothing and do nothing.

If the Devil calls on the people today to shout “Down with imperialism!” they’ll do it, and if tomorrow he says imperialism is a good thing, the people will shout “Long live imperialism!” The vast majority of Cuban society is made up the robotic puppets of the Devil.

Maybe this article will earn me the enmity of many, even my own people. But it’s worth it, if it makes only one person reflect on the deeds perpetrated by all socialist regimes and cults of personality.

For example, Cuba’s judges don’t believe in the justice of the laws, but they apply them in the name of justice and the people. What’s worse, they enrich themselves in applying them, to the detriment of the Cuban people.

The students don’t believe what the masters say, and the masters don’t believe in what they’re teaching. Can you trust in such a people?

Is it worth sacrificing yourself for such people, if, as we all know, one signal from the Devil is enough to see you killed?

Translated by Laurie Blair.

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