Cubans Know the Truth

Cubans who fight for freedom often meet with resistance from their compatriots.
Cubans who fight for freedom often meet with resistance from their compatriots. (

EspañolIt’s only through the exercise of natural rights that we can work towards the very essence of human existence: the achievement of progress and happiness for all.

Therefore, any law or action that limits those rights is against human nature. By allowing any government or society to limit those rights, we are committing suicide, in a sense.

Humans were gifted with faculties that make us different from other living beings, the most important being reason and free will. These two faculties govern the exercise of all other abilities. But when reason and will are subjected to external pressures, we begin to lose what makes us human. Our society then becomes nothing more than a collection of cold, indifferent automatons.

Freedom is therefore essential for man to exercise these faculties. After all, God preferred to allow sin and mankind’s betrayal rather than strip human beings of their free will.

While free will means individuals have the freedom to surrender their own personal liberty, it does not entitle anyone to prevent anyone else from exercising their own free will. This, unfortunately, is precisely what is happening today in Cuba.

It’s truly sad to see how freedom lovers in Cuba not only endure the whip of their oppressors but also suffer the betrayal and indifference of many of their Cuban brothers.

Cubans know that they are slaves, and must steal to get enough food to eat, even with the fear of having to endure the horrors of jail.

Cubans know very well they can’t express their suffering, or assemble and associate freely, even when following the noblest of intentions.

Cubans know that their deified leaders, as well as their families and appointees, live ostentatiously, in contrast to their own miserable lives. Unlike ordinary Cubans, those in office do not have to suffer the pain of seeing their children die from hunger or the lack of basic necessities.

Cubans know that the prisons are made exclusively for them, and that each cell has a name already written on it.

Cubans know they don’t have any chance at progress or a dignified life, since the state has stripped their right to use their ingenuity to create to their own business and build their own destiny.

Cubans know!

Nevertheless, upon word from their masters, those same who are tortured and mourn the loss of their children, turn like Cain against their peaceful brothers, whose only fault is the desire to enjoy freedom and happiness.

Is it worth advocating freedom and happiness to those who prefer slavery?

Hell, if you do not want to be free, then at least get out of the way of those who long for it.

Hunger, marginalization, insomnia, prison, repression, and suffering: this is the price you pay when you decide you want to be free in Cuba. Not to mention the bitterness of feeling betrayed by so many of your own enslaved people.

But he who has broken his master’s chains and tasted liberty breathes deep and carries on.

Onwards, to liberty!

Translated by Pep Balcárcel.

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