Getting to Know the Many Billionaires Behind Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

(Wikimedia) Clinton
Hillary Clinton has received the most donations and support from billionaires. (Wikimedia)

EspañolUnited States Democrats accuse the Republicans of being “the political party of the rich.” Both those who supported socialist Bernie Sanders as well as Hillary Clinton’s supporters accuse Republican candidate Donald Trump of being the symbol of the “elite” since he is a famous billionaire himself.

But we need to analyze things the way they are. We must analyze who is the candidate actually representing the “elite” so many fear.

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Hillary Clinton, the candidate of the Democratic Party, has received the most donations and support from billionaires; i.e. the “elite.”

The third richest man in the world, the famous billionaire Warren Buffet, supports her. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has a personal fortune of US $60.8 billion. He has supported the Democrats for years, and has donated money to the Clintons for more than 15 years.

Then there’s George Soros. This billionaire of Hungarian descent is president of one of the world’s most powerful vulture fund firms, Soros Fund Management.

Soros has a personal fortune that amounts to $24.9 billion and, according to official reports, has been used for donations adding up to more than $11.9 million just this electoral cycle. He is also the organizer of one of Clinton’s largest political action committees, which has raised millions for the Democratic candidate.

Another powerful billionaire who has financed Clinton’s campaign is Haim Saban, whose personal fortune amounts to $2.9 billion. Saban owns 20 percent of Univision, the largest Hispanic television network in the US. Saban has held countless fundraising events for Clinton.

Saban asserted in an interview that he preferred not to be a free man than to be dead when asked about civil rights. Saban practically insinuated that “security” was more important than freedom.

Oprah Winfrey is another major donor. With a personal fortune estimated at $3.1 billion, the TV host has endorsed Hillary Clinton as well as President Barrack Obama.

Another powerful Wall Street billionaire who has invested his resources in bringing Hillary Clinton back to the White House — this time, as President — is James Harris Simons. Also a vulture funds manager, Simons’ fortune is around $16.5 billion. He has been involved in a number of disputes, the most recent one being tax evasion.

Michael Bloomberg has also supported Clinton. He’s the former New York City mayor and owner of the powerful media company Bloomberg, LP. Bloomberg’s fortune amounts to $42.7 billion, which makes him, according to Forbes, the eighth-richest person in the world.

Even beyond powerful individual donors, there are large companies endorsing Hillary, especially big banks on Wall Street.

The Clintons have received political donations from big banks since former President Bill Clinton occupied the White House in the late 90s. The Clintons have received over $120 million for speeches given to the international financial elite dating back to that time.

Clinton definitely has the lead on Trump when it comes donations. While Clinton has raised $21.1 million only in billionaire PACs, Trump has managed to raise $1.02 million.

According to Fortune, six percent of Clinton’s donations come from billionaires, amounting to $373.3 million. In Trump’s case, only 0.006 percent of his donations come from billionaires.

Another thing that denotes demagoguery from the Democrats is their constant criticism of the CEOs of the most powerful companies in the nation. Democrats constantly accuse Republicans of being allies of the “powerful,” for refusing to increase the federal minimum wage and arguing that CEOs earn too much.

The interesting thing about all this is that none of the CEOs of the 100 largest corporations in the country have donated money to Donald Trump’s campaign. Eleven of them have donated to Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has reportedly received twice as many donations from executives of large corporations in 2016 than even President Barack Obama did during his campaign for re-election in 2012.

There is no doubt that all these facts destroy the myth that the Democratic Party and its current candidate Hillary Clinton represent the middle class and those most in need.

If there are people who believe in the so-called “establishment” or “elite,” they might have an idea of who this “elite” expect to be president after November 8, and it’s not Donald Trump.

Clinton advocates and critics of Trump will say that I am a “right-wing Republican,” but reality is reality, and there is no need to be an advocate for Donald Trump to realize that Hillary Clinton is not what she claims to be.

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