Venezuela Continues Moving Ahead . . . In the Wrong Direction

EspañolIndignant with socialist rhetoric, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro publicly announced last night the core of a course of actions devised to control the Venezuelan economy amid its reigning chaos.

In his speech, Maduro frequently cited the ideals of Rosa Luxemburg, a Marxist figure, as moral justification for his actions. What he did not mention was that Luxemburg failed to achieve a moral or logical system of political theory, and there are glaring examples of socialism’s failure for all to see.

Seeking support and sympathy from the poor, Maduro emphasized that his main objective is to guarantee the supply and accessibility of food for the masses. Centering his speech on ideas grabbed from the expanded essay “Violent Venezuela,” written by Orlando Araujo in 1968, Maduro even dared to assert a mandate from God — quoting Bible verses (Luke 12:15-21) and Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff, known for his active support of the poor and disenfranchised.

Ironically, Maduro bragged about the “manipulated” and fictional accomplishments of his regime, openly disregarding the critiques and exposés of outside observers.

Policies of Economic Denial

Price and profit margin controls are the vortex of the government’s agenda. It is now official that only a maximum of 30 percent profit, over costs, will be permitted for all economic activities.

His administration guarantees that no devaluation will occur during 2014 — despite a ten-fold disparity between the black market and official exchanges — and Maduro insists the current exchange of 6.3 Bolivares fuertes per US dollar can be sustained well beyond 2014.

To achieve such economic acrobatics, the current exchange regime, CADIVI, will disappear. In its place, CENCOEX (“National Center of Foreign Commerce”) will manage limited currency exchanges. The SICAD system, an alternative based on an irregular and obscure bidding system, will also provide access to foreign currency and be modified and expanded.

The “Fight” against Violence

Maduro has harangued and harassed independent media and broadcasting companies, and they will continue to be heavily scrutinized as he blames them for the violence inculcated in the minds of the Venezuelans. It is widely published and known that one person dies every 21 minutes at the hands of the current state of violence, but apparently media reporting on this are to blame for fostering the prevailing immorality.

Maduro may propose to pacify the country, but the sun can’t be covered with a finger. While aiming to fight corruption and blaming capitalism for the social and economic maladies of Venezuela, the government has once again taken steps to consolidate a totalitarian state and centrally planned economic model. The capitalist sector, a necessary element for the development of the economy — and yes, any chance of survival for Venezuelans — will be completely crushed under the weight of sociopathic authoritarianism.

The worst is yet to come for Venezuela.

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