With Most States Tallied, Donald Trump Has 65 Percent Chance of Winning US Election

By: Max Radwin - Nov 8, 2016, 10:21 pm
Could Trump win the election after such an onslaught of negative press? (flickr)

Despite a vast majority of pre-election polls showing Democrat Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 Presidential Election sometimes by a historically wide margin, The New York Times and other election predictors show that Donald Trump may very well win after all — by as much as 68 percent.

Currently, Hillary Clinton is set to win more popular votes, but Trump has more electoral votes — 137 to 104. He’s expected to win around 280 electoral votes.

He’s won North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina and Indiana, according to The New York Times.

He also looks to be winning Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio. Many of those states are traditionally blue, and would come as a huge shock not only to Clinton’s campaign, but also to political pundits.

Clinton has so far only confirmed New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Vermont, Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey.

Max Radwin Max Radwin

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