Clinton and Trump Intensify Campaigns in Battleground States as Election Looms

By: Max Radwin - Nov 7, 2016, 9:40 am
President Obama and Secretary Clinton together in North Carolina (Charlotte Observer).

As the 2016 Presidential campaign spirals toward the actual election both Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are using the last few remaining days to garner support in highly contested “battleground” states.

Trump also appears to be focusing a lot of time on states that are either historically blue or have demonstrated a strong inclination toward Clinton this time around.

Among them are Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Minnesota, the last of which Trump has reportedly ignored throughout the election, as it is solidly for Clinton. The move has some pundits confused, and others saying it is a desperate attempt to scrape the barrel for votes in the electoral college amid worsening poll numbers.

Trump will also be heading to Sarasota, Florida this Monday, November 7. Florida, historically a key swing state, will not see Clinton again during the campaign. She did, however, send Barrack Obama there this weekend to speak in Orlando. The New York Times reported that the President’s visit to Jacksonville this past Thursday resulted in increased voting in the area.

From there, he will travel to Michigan to carry out a two-pronged attack on the state with Clinton. Clinton will speak in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the state’s second largest city, while Obama is speaking in Ann Arbor, home to the University of Michigan, where he has spoken several times before. Michigan voters’ support for her has waned of late, according to polls.

In Ohio, Clinton is scheduled to appear at a rally with NBA star LeBron James.

Early voting has already ended in many states such as Florida, Nevada and North Carolina. The Clinton campaign looks to go into November 8 with a strong lead, while Trump, who is falling in recent polls, looks to garner support where he can.

Max Radwin Max Radwin

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