Late Polls Show Clinton Resurgence over Trump As Election Nears

By: Max Radwin - Nov 6, 2016, 5:34 pm
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Hillary Clinton has regained lost ground as the presidential election nears end. (Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is back on top with only two days to go until election day after falling even or behind Republican Donald Trump earlier in the month, according to several new polls released on Sunday, November 6.

In the latest Washington Post-ABC poll, Clinton now has 48-percent of support, beating out Trump’s 43 percent, which reportedly has the GOP scrambling.

The Washington Post, who helped conduct the poll, attributed this resurgence to “united support from non-white voters as well as with ‘pure’ political independents who do not lean toward either party.”

Clinton lost out on the honesty ranking, but she won every other measured attribute the poll used, such as temperament and personality as well as moral character.

One interesting subtlety about the poll is that a noticeable amount of voters aren’t supporting their candidate because they like them, but rather because they oppose the other party’s.

Fifty-five percent of Clinton supporters said they were supporting her mainly because they didn’t like Trump, and 51 percent of Trump supporters said the same thing about Clinton.


Other polls such as that of Fox News has Trump behind by two percent, those of NBC-Wall Street Journal and Ipsos/Reuters has him behind by four, whereas the IBD/TIPP poll has Trump ahead by one.

Clinton and Trump have both been campaigning hard in “battleground states,” such as Florida and Ohio, where both candidates are tied according to a CBS poll.

Trump has gone to North Carolina, Florida, Colorado and Nevada. Clinton is hitting Michigan hard, as well as other states.

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