Despite Trump’s Claims, the Election Is Swinging in Clinton’s Favor

By: Max Radwin - Oct 16, 2016, 4:40 pm
Donald Trump is slipping in most polls (Wikimedia)

Despite a recent poll released by Rassmussen Reports, it appears Clinton has started to surge ahead of Donald Trump over the last two weeks in most other polls across the country, which many have said were disastrous for his campaign.

The Rasmussen Reports poll showed Trump leading Clinton with 43-percent support compared to her 41-percent. However, a number of other polls show her with an edge over the Republican Presidential Candidate.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll has Clinton leading by four points while the NBC-Wall Street Journal poll has Clinton at 51-percent support compared to Trump’s 41 percent. And in certain states, the numbers are even higher.

In Virginia, for example, Clinton reportedly has a 15-point lead over Trump in a Wason Center for Public Policy poll. That’s an eight-point jump compared to September — before the second debate and before the sexual assault scandals.

The Trump campaign has reportedly moved some of its staff members out of the state to North Carolina, but claimed they are not giving up.

The Access Hollywood tape of Donald Trump openly discussing his desire to and past involvement with sexually assaulting women did not help the campaign, nor, many critics have said, did his second debate performance.

Despite this, The New York Times has reported that Clinton’s past handlings of her husband Bill Clinton’s sexual activities have prevented her from speaking out against him with more fervor.

But the GOP should be worried, critics have said, because Trump’s campaign is not addressing the basic, fundamental aspects of a presidential election.

For one, Trump just isn’t raising that much money. His campaign had $75 million to run with as of the start of October, while Clinton had $150 million.

Sixty-two percent of people in the poll also said they don’t think how Clinton handled her husband’s sexual misconduct in the past has anything to do with the election.

Vox media has also made the claim that the Trump campaign has not made any long term plans for the campaign, and possesses no clear strategy for reaching voters the way Clinton’s does.

He also just isn’t very good, according to some polls, at defending against scandals the way his supporters and those on the fence want him to. The ABC News poll showed that 57 percent of likely voters found the way he dealt with the Access Hollywood tape “insincere” while 52 percent said his comments were not what they would consider “locker room talk.”

Trump, however, has defended his inking numbers by saying that the election is rigged both within the political system and by the mainstream media.

Max Radwin Max Radwin

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