Russian State Media Warns of “Nuclear Implications” if US Doesn’t Behave in Syria

By: Max Radwin - Oct 11, 2016, 10:12 am
Dmitri Kiselyov has a reputaiton for being “anti-Western” (varvara)

The United States has received intense threats from abroad this week, after a journalist in Russia said “nuclear implications” could be a possibility against the US should there be any “impudent” behavior toward Moscow.

Journalist Dmitry Kiselyov — known as the Kremlin’s “chief protagonist” — made the comments Monday night on the television show News of the Week. Kiselyov was appointed by Vladimir Putin to head the country’s state-owned media outlet.

The comments were made with US-Russia relations center stage and as sensitive as they have been in some years.

Among other things, the United States said last week that it planned to suspend negotiations with Russia after refusing to stop airstrikes in Aleppo, Syria. Russia vetoed a motion in the United Nations Saturday that would end the bombing in Aleppo.

The United States is also reportedly considering using airstrikes on Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, news that prompted Russia to prepare “surface-to-air” missiles on its base in Tartus, Syria. US airplanes in the area, a Russian statement said, could be at risk of being shot down.

In response, the United States openly accused Russia for the first time of hacking US computers with the intention of interfering with the ‘US election process.”

Given this news, some are taking Kiselyov’s comments seriously, though he has made similar anti-Western comments in the past, including that Russia is “genuinely capable of turning the USA into radioactive ash.”

News pundits have said the situation is not the same as that of the Cold War, being actually far more dangerous.

Max Radwin Max Radwin

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