As Hillary Wades Through Criticism, Bill Won’t Stay Quiet for Long

By: Max Radwin - Sep 11, 2016, 7:38 pm
Bill Clinton looks to be opening up as the campaign progresses. (wikimedia)

Political campaigns can often be dirty affairs, and the 2016 US presidential election has proven to be one of the mouthiest and most mudslinging in recent memory.

Most of that has been one-sided, coming from Republican candidate and New York native Donald Trump against anyone who disagrees with him, as well as his opponent Democrat Hillary Clinton.

But while Hillary has been appropriately vocal, her husband — former President Bill Clinton — hasn’t been as outspoken as he has been in the past.

But that looks to have changed, as the 42nd President has begun to attack Trump while also defending himself of recent weeks.

“We live in a Snapchat-Twitter world. It’s so much easier,” he reportedly said, “just to discredit people and call them names.”

Much of the campaign season’s harshest criticism have focused on Hillary thus far, which has been, campaign officials said, an intentional decision.

“His reputation has suffered some since he left the presidency,” presidential senior advisor David Gergen told the New York Times.

“There’s no desire on the part of Bill Clinton and his followers to make him the center of the campaign. They want to make Hillary the center of the campaign. So he’s had to take some things. He’s had to fight with one hand tied behind his back.”

But Trump and others have continued to make offhanded remarks about Bill’s record as president as if it were connected to Hillary’s own campaign — whether it be about healthcare, international trade policy or immigration — but the insults have also begun to grow personal.

Trump accused Bill of abusing women and reportedly made numerous references to his scandal with White House intern Monica Lewinski.

More recently, Trump highlighted the questionable nature of some of the donations that were made to the The Clinton Foundation.

“I got tickled the other day when Mr. Trump called my foundation a criminal enterprise,” Bill said during a speech in North Carolina.

In a speech given in Detroit, Michigan, Clinton said “All we’ve done is save lives.”

Source: New York Times.

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