Trump Is the Official Republican Nominee for President – Now What?

By: Max Radwin - May 27, 2016, 12:07 pm
Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president
Donald Trump will most likely face Democrat Hillary Clinton. (Wikimedia)

EspañolEveryone following the US Presidential Primaries knew this was coming, but now it’s official: Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for 2016.

After leading for most of the primary season, Trump finally amassed the necessary 1,237 delegates that makes it statistically impossible for anyone else to overtake him or, more realistically, for the July 18 Republican National Convention to throw away the delegate count and start anew.

The remaining states — including California, New Jersey and New Mexico, among others — will still hold their primaries through June.

But Trump is looking ahead to the presidential election, in which he will most likely be facing Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. She has not officially “clinched” the nomination over Bernie Sanders just yet, but has time to do so before the July 25 Democratic National Convention.

“Here I am watching Hillary fight and she can’t close the deal,” Trump said Thursday, May 26 after discovering he had reached the 1,237-threshold.

Trump shouldn’t start taunting just yet. He has a considerable challenge in Clinton, who is the favorite so far in that matchup. Huffington Post polls show Hillary winning over Trump 43 percent to 39 percent, while Reuters has her winning 41 to 36.

Yesterday, Trump said he plans to focus on the states that “could go either way.”

This might be more easily done if he can get the approval from Republican Party figureheads that have not yet voiced their support — like House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Trump received begrudging support, if not a concession, from Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who went down early in the primaries against Trump after a slew of name-calling.

“My policy differences and reservations about Donald’s campaign are well established and I stand by those” Rubio said. “That said, I don’t view myself as a guy whose going to stand here for the next six months taking shots at him…he’s the presumptive nominee and I accept that.”

The Political World Reacts

The GOP is reeling from Trump’s completely overwhelming and unpredicted success – to the point that members of the Republican Party have begun discussions about revamping the primary process to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again, The New York Times reported.

This might include removing some states from their early spots. Other party members reportedly proposed introducing regulations that would prevent a large number of people from voting in the primaries, with changes including closing them off to independent or non-registered voters.

Meanwhile, Obama had his own opinion on Trump’s now-inevitable nomination, saying that US elections are very important to foreign policy, because the entire world pays attention to them.

“The US is at the heart of the international order,” Obama said, “and even those countries that are critical of us know that ultimately things don’t hold together so well if the U.S. isn’t making good decisions and they count on us to provide stability when making global decisions.”

Trump responded to Obama’s comments, saying he is glad world leaders are rattled.

With the election coming up fast, Trump will have plenty of opportunities to continue “rattling” the world.

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