Argentine Intellectual Calls on Maduro to “Crush” Protests with the Military

Argentine Chavez enthusiast Atilio Boron has called for a brutal military crackdown on the Venezuelan opposition (
Argentine Chavez enthusiast Atilio Boron has called for a brutal military crackdown on the Venezuelan opposition (Twitter).


Argentine writer and intellectual Atilio Borón is no stranger to Chavismo. He has visited Venezuela several times, and met on several occasions with Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, as well as being awarded and recognized by the regime for his contributions to Latin American “critical thinking”.

The current crisis in Venezuela has generated several reactions and strategies on the part of Chavismo spokesmen in Argentina. In some cases it has been chosen to hold the opposition and the demonstrators responsible for chaos, and in others it has sought to minimize and conceal what has actually happened. Atilio Boron took another path: to recognize the disaster of what he called a “civil war” and to ask the government and the armed forces to “militarily crush” those who demonstrate against the government.

In his article “Venezuela and the Civil War” he warns:

“There is very little time, mere days, to eradicate this mortal threat. The absolute and criminal intransigence of the terrorist opposition closes any other path than that of its complete and definitive military defeat.”

For the Argentine writer, the government of Nicolás Maduro has a single “sensible and rational attitude” that remains: “To proceed to the defense of the current institutional order and to mobilize without delay the whole of its armed forces to crush the counterrevolution.”

In the opinion of Borón the fire at Chavez’s birthplace has now represented that the window of opportunity for dialogue has closed:

“If one was unable to perceive the unprecedented gravity of the situation and the determination of the seditious forces to consummate their designs to its final consequences, the emblematic fire at the birthplace of Commander Hugo Chávez Frías painfully put an end to any speculation about the opposition’s intentions.”

The writer’s article leaves no doubt about the position he recommends that Maduro adopt: “Unfortunately now it’s up to you to call the army to arms.”

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