Former Argentina VP Accused of Forging Car Documents Stands Trial

Es el primer ex vicepresidente en la historia de Argentina en ser llevado a juicio. (Twitter)
Boudou聽is the first former vice president to testify during a trial in Argentine history. (Twitter)

Espa帽olFormer Vice President of Argentina Amado Boudou will testify during a trial after documents for purchasing a car were found to be intentionally falsified.

Amado Boudou, who served under former President Cristina Kirchner, will stand聽trial聽Monday, May 8, during which he will become the first former Vice President to testify in the country’s history.

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The National Registry of聽Motor-vehicles was audited in 2009, leading聽Buenos Aires auditor聽Maria Gabriela Taboada de Pi帽ero to denounce his聽personal聽purchase of a vehicle聽because it was done with documents that were found to be聽false.

According to local media such as Clarin,聽the car in question is a Honda CRX model 92. It聽was allegedly聽bought with falsified papers in order to separate the former official’s assets from those of his first wife, who he was divorcing at the time.


The falsified documents of the Japanese car not only had聽an outdated purchase date, but were registered to聽a non-existent address. This is something that Boudou has reportedly done on other occasions.

Between 2003 and 2006,聽his National Identity Document stated聽that his address was Costanera 3365, which is located in the beach town of San Bernardo. That address not only had no house or apartment on it, but was just a sand dune near the beach.

Regarding聽the Honda CRX ‘s documentation, officials have聽verified that the engine number stated聽in the document is false, as is the signature registered on the papers.

Another聽street listed on the false documents was Astrada 2708, but that does not actually exist either.

Boudou is also linked to the Ministry of Economy’s irregular purchase of 19 luxury cars.

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