Current Argentinian President Macri Acknowledges Presidential Aspirations in 2019

Una pregunta sobre un aeropuerto le permitió al presidente argentino instaurar el tema en la agenda. (Twitter)
After answering a question about an airport, the Argentinian president put the reelection issue on the agenda (Twitter).


Regardless of the fact that he has not yet completed half of his term, or that the lists for the midterm elections are not yet drawn up, Mauricio Macri has already announced his intention to be reelected as president of Argentina in 2019.

The statement took place at a press conference in Santa Fe province held with Governor Miguel Lifschitz and the mayor of the provincial capital, Jose Corral, in the framework of the inauguration of the Santa Fe metrobus.

When asked about the construction of an airport, President Macri replied that it would be complicated for his current management, which ends in 2019, but is probably possible to realize during his “second term”.

“The joint airport project is wonderful, I am passionate about it because it gives the region a location and allows the provinces to connect with the world. Argentina is a huge country and we have to get people to fly. This is just the beginning, we are repairing 19 airports all over the country. But I fear that out of all the projects pending, I won’t see that one completed during this term, I might see it in my next term.”

Although the statement took place among laughter, it is no joke; as it is the first reference Macri has made regarding presidential aspirations for a second term.

Since returning to democracy in 1983, Argentina has two reelected presidents: Carlos Menem and Cristina Kirchner, both from the same party. Also, two presidents had to interrupt their mandates: Raul Alfonsin due to an economic crisis and with Menem already elected, and Fernando de la Rua, due to the 2001 economic crisis.

The Constitution since 1994 stipulates a presidential term of four years with the possibility of reelection for one subsequent term. After that a former president must wait for a full term to be a presidential candidate again.

Source: Infobae

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