RNC: Trump Rallies for American Dream over Socialist Agenda

In his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination, President Donald Trump elaborated on the achievements of his first term and fiercely criticized Biden.

In a powerful speech at his inauguration as the presidential candidate, President Donald Trump spoke about the achievements of his administration and made it clear that this is the most important election in U.S. history.

Donald Trump accepted the presidential nomination as the official Republican Party candidate. And he did so by exalting American excellence, with a powerful speech that was diametrically opposed to that of the Democratic Party, whose convention was dedicated to drawing the image of an unsaved America.

In his acceptance speech, President Donald Trump noted his administrative achievements and what awaits the U.S. – “the torch that lights the rest of the world” – if Biden should succeed in November: “This election will decide whether we save the American dream, or whether we allow a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished destiny. It will decide whether we rapidly create millions of high paying jobs, or whether we crush our industries.” Along that path, the president said, “This is the most important election in our history. Never have the two parties had such great differences in principle and ideology.”

U.S. President Donald Trump said in his speech that he would fight to keep America a strong nation where the American dream will prevail over socialism (EFE).

The Democrats paint an apocalyptic picture of the nation, commensurate with the images on the streets of cities governed by the left. “If you give power to Joe Biden, the radical left will defund police departments all across America. My administration will always stand with the men and women of law enforcement,” Trump said.

He questioned the Democrats for not setting out their agenda at the party convention. So Trump exposed that his opponents are seeking seven billion in tax hikes. The opposite is true of his administration, which implemented the biggest tax cut in the country’s history, which in turn translated into the highest unemployment rate in the last 50 years, with Hispanics and African Americans benefiting the most. “And before the China virus came in, produced the best unemployment numbers for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans ever recorded. And I say very modestly that I have done more for the African American community than any presidents since Abraham Lincoln.”

Unemployment was at an all-time low. But all that prosperity was halted, thanks to the virus unleashed by China, he said: And when the China virus hit, we launched the largest national mobilization. Since world war two, invoking the defense production act. We produced the world’s largest supply of ventilators, not a single American who has needed the ventilator has been denied a ventilator, which is a miracle.”

“The European Union’s case fatality rate is nearly three times higher than ours, but you don’t hear that. We have saved or supported more than 50 million American jobs. As a result, we have seen the smallest economic contraction of any major Western nation. And we are recovering at a much faster rate than anybody.”

He also took the opportunity to promise an antidote to the coronavirus: “We’ll produce a vaccine before the end of the year, or maybe even sooner. We will defeat the virus and the pandemic and emerged stronger than ever before.”

“Joe Biden’s agenda is made in China; my agenda is made in the USA.”

Trump took the opportunity to point out Biden’s complicity with China. “Joe Biden’s agenda is ‘Made in China;’ mine is ‘Made in the USA.” He accused Biden of sending millions of jobs to China and said, “We’re taking our business out of China. We are bringing it home.”

In fact, one of the most powerful phrases of the night had to do with the patriotic sentiment, already customary for the President, and his condemnation of the American status quo: “We have ended the rule of the failed political class. You’ve seen that they are angry at me because instead of putting them first, I very simply said America first.”

The President pointed out how Biden took advantage of the millions of dollars donated by the workers who trusted him, how he embraced them. At the time, he provoked the laughter of the public, given Biden’s reputation for making too much physical contact with people to the extent of receiving complaints of sexual harassment.

One of the strengths of Trump’s speech was to point out the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, which claims to care for the disadvantaged but has no problem supporting late-term abortion: “Joe Biden claims he has empathy for the vulnerable yet the party he leads, supports the extreme late-term abortion of defenseless babies. Democrat leaders talk about moral decency, but they have no problem with stopping a baby’s beating heart in the ninth month of pregnancy,” he said.

Deregulate the economy and lower taxes to create 10 million jobs

A cornerstone of the President’s campaign speech was that he would continue to deregulate the economy, allowing private enterprise to flourish, and lower taxes. “We will continue to reduce taxes and regulations at levels not seen before. We will create 10 million jobs in the next 10 months,” Trump said. He also added, “I will cut taxes even further for hard-working moms and dads.”

In that sense, his economic policy will continue to be based on allowing the rise of private companies and taking power away from the government so that it resides in the citizenry. Less intervention in the economy and less taxation gives Americans more independence.

Obama’s tragic legacy that Trump fixed: the Middle East

One of the president’s most important points was, without a doubt, targeting the disaster left in the Middle East by the predecessor administration of Obama, supported by Biden. Trump said that when he took office, “the Middle East was in total chaos. ISIS was rampaging. Iran was on the rise, and the war in Afghanistan had no end in sight. I withdrew from the terrible one-sided Iran nuclear deal.” And he even brokered a peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

Trump recalled: “This his month we achieved the first middle East peace deal in 25 years. e obliterated 100% of the ISIS caliphate and killed its founder and leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.” And he also mentioned the operation where they executed the “first terrorist in the world:” Soleimani.

Trump did not miss the opportunity to point out his opponent: “Biden voted for the Iraq war. He opposed the mission to take out Osama bin Laden. He opposed killing Soleimani. China would own our country if Biden got elected.”

Conclusion of the powerful speech

Finally, Trump highlighted how the Democratic Party feeds on breaking the spirit of Americans to declare itself their savior. In their growing worship of the state and the party figure, they even removed all mention of God before singing the national anthem.

Trump, on the other hand, seeks to encourage his fellow citizens to rescue the best of their nation, its history, values, and achievements. In short, Trump presents the November election not as the conventional Republican-Democrat contest but as a struggle between good and evil, where the role of the U.S. is to be the light of the torch of freedom in the face of the threat of the extreme left with its hunger for power.

*This article was written in collaboration with Emmanuel Rondón

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