Fake news: Media Turns U.S. Eagle into Nazi symbol

The profound ignorance of history and the animosity towards Trump have produced false information that has been replicated internationally, even by the digital publication El Español

In 2019, the Great Seal of the United States has been altered to attack President Trump (EFE).

Spanish – The bald eagle is the national animal of the United States and has been a symbol of freedom, so far. Since President Donald Trump’s campaign has used it, his detractors have sought to link this national icon with Nazism, and the international media has been complicit. The story shows that it is part of the thousands of fake news pieces that are echoed daily.

The false information was replicated internationally by the digital newspaper El Español, which had an article titled, Trump Has a New Logo for His Campaign, and It’ s the same as a Nazi Emblem. It was clear that the publication had not verified the information before spreading the news:

Currently, Marxist movements such as Black Lives Matter are fueling racial tensions. At such a time, attempts to scribe racial supremacy to the presidential campaign serve as propaganda and fulfill a political purpose. We are months away from the U.S. presidential election. The truth is that history dispels the falsehood and ignorance of the mass media.

First, the Nationalist Socialist government commenced in 1933, while the eagle perched on the U.S. flag is much older. For example, in 1861, the Volunteer Regiment fought slavery by carrying the flag with an eagle facing left, 80 years before the first Nazi appeared.

Black guards of the first African-American volunteer infantry in Kansas, the battle of Honey Springs, Oklahoma territory, July 17, 1863 (Pinterest).

Likewise, the 20th Regiment of the State of Maine, probably the most famous regiment in the history of the United States, also had an eagle with a clear message in its beak in 1861: e Pluribus Unum, of many, one. In other words, the logo did not promote racial supremacy, but rather fought against it.

«The men of Brooklyn» Battle of Gettysburg (Pinterest).

To this day, the United States Navy, which fought against Nazism in World War II, carries the flag with the bald eagle. On August 1, 1944, alone, just two months after the Normandy landing, four U.S. Marines killed so many German soldiers that the German army thought it was an entire battalion.

United States Navy flag (NJ1015).

Even the United States Coast Guard has the bald eagle as a symbol on its flag, along with the motto Semper Paratus (Always Ready).

(Grand New Flags).

Due to the conservation of the bald eagle, as well as the golden eagle, because of their significance for the nation, these animals are no longer endangered species. There are even laws like the Eagle Act that guarantee the protection not only of the animal but also of its eggs and nests. In fact, they cannot be touched without prior authorization.

It has been said, satirically, that if Trump drinks water, his enemies will say that Hitler also drank water, so drinking water is racist. Now the reality is overcoming fiction, and the humor is turning into tragedy as irresponsible mainstream media has come to the point of turning a symbol of national unity into one of racial hatred and division.

This is not the first time the Great Seal of the United States has been used to attack President Trump. At the closing of a student conference organized by Turning Point USA on July 23, 2019, an employee was fired for altering two seals, one of which had two heads instead of one, as it appears on the Russian imperial coat of arms. Instead, of the 13 arrows held by the eagle, there were golf clubs on one of its legs; the olive branch was replaced by a wad of bills, and the parchment, where it usually says E Pluribus Unum (of many, one), was replaced by the Spanish text that reads “45 is a puppet.”

Those trying to change the meaning of the American symbols do not see is that just as in 2016, they did everything possible to disqualify the then-candidate, they were, even more, pushing for his support, since the citizens are getting fed up with the fake news and disinformation that is aimed not only at encouraging rejection of President Trump but also of the history of the United States.

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