China Threatens “Cold War” against United States

China's foreign minister accused Washington of being infected with a "political virus" that makes "use of every opportunity to attack and smear China."

China is already speaking of a possible Cold War with the United States, yet it is willing to engage in dialogue (EFE).

Spanish – The U.S. has about 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 and about 20% of the world’s reported cases- 1.6 million out of over 5.5 million. Since the virus originated in China and was systematically concealed by the Communist Party of China, which persecuted doctors, journalists, and scientists who issued warnings, the Trump administration has confronted the one-party regime.

We are “on the verge of a new Cold War,” China’s foreign minister warned at a press conference Sunday, claiming that Washington is infected with a “political virus” that makes “use of every opportunity to attack and smear China.”

The communist regime’s foreign minister, Wang Li, also accused U.S. politicians of “fabricating rumors to “stigmatize China.”

There has been a “war of information” since March, where China has deployed high-level dignitaries to impart conspiracy information, such as Lijan Zhao, deputy director-general of China’s “Department of Information,” as well as Lin Songtian, China’s ambassador to South Africa. They have been imparting anti-U.S. propaganda on social media.

Ambassador Zhao, for example, shared an article alleging that the coronavirus originated in the United States.

China has confronted several Western powers through its embassies. The official website of the Chinese embassy in France published an article saying that Western countries had left the elderly to die in nursing homes. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its disagreement with this claim, and China replied that it was a misunderstanding.

But there is still a video on Twitter where China mocks the U.S. and its handling of the pandemic, claiming that China warned about the risks of the pandemic.

The cover-up is an extension of the censorship

The video claims that China made its information public. However, the Wuhan Health Commission had warned hospitals not to say anything publicly to doctors, who had been warning of the spread of the virus inside hospitals. And even in December, when doctors at Wuhan General Hospital warned of the outbreak, they were arrested for “spreading rumors.”

Take the case of Dr. Li Wenliang from Wuhan Central Hospital. He was censored in December 2019 and died of the coronavirus in February 2020. Wenliang had 1.5 billion followers on his blog, where he reported on the advances of the coronavirus. The regime’s censorship did not allow voices like his to reach other countries.

According to President Xi Jinping’s transcripts, he was aware of the spread of the virus on January 7 (according to the Associated Press). But he did not take action to stop the pandemic. The Chinese New Year was celebrated with complete normality. On January 18, a large shared dinner was organized for 40,000 families. Despite the massive event, they reported no new cases.

“China will be held accountable because the world is suffering from its lack of transparency,” says the U.S. Vice President

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence also announced on Sunday, May 24, “China will be held accountable because the world is suffering from its lack of transparency,” and further stated that the Trump administration is developing plans to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for its actions.

“China let the world down, and the World Health Organization was their willing partner in withholding from the United States and the wider world vital information about the coronavirus that would have made it possible for us to stand up a national response sooner,” he said

“We are going to continue to demand that the World Health Organization enact the kind of reforms going forward that if the world needs to know about any potential health threat, that we will know in the future,” Pence added.

Trump decided to freeze the U.S. funds for the WHO on a provisional basis. This amounts to 20% of the WHO’s resources. But he also announced that if the WHO does not become independent from China, his administration will withdraw funding for good and will consider leaving the organization.

China must pay whether through the justice system or the economy

From the White House, Trump announced that the United States would seek hundreds of billions of dollars in damages from China. But he added that he is exploring taking action that will be “much easier than collecting.”

 “We are not happy with China. We are not happy with that whole situation because we believe it (the coronavirus) could have been stopped at the source (China),” Trump said. “It could have been stopped quickly, and it wouldn’t have spread all over the world,” he added.

The most extreme measure that Trump and his collaborators have considered so far is to strip China of its “sovereign immunity.” This would allow lawsuits to be filed not only at the government level, but even civilian victims could sue China for damages.

This was stated by George Sorial (a former senior executive at the Trump Organization) who is involved in a class-action lawsuit against China, in an interview with The Washington Post.

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