The Problem is the Communist Regime, not the Chinese People

The Communist Party persecuted doctors for exposing the danger of the coronavirus and even ordered the closure of the laboratory in Shanghai

It is only fair to speak of a “communist virus.” (Pxfuel)

Spanish – Confusing nationality with the government is common, especially in China, where the same party has been in power since 1949. So calling the coronavirus (COVID-19), a “Chinese virus” dissociates it from the main culprit: the Communist Party.

After all, the Communist Party was the one that persecuted doctors and journalists for exposing the danger of the COVID-19 pandemic. It even ordered the closure of the Shanghai laboratory that publicly released the first genome sequence of the virus.

“Our beef is not with the Chinese people; our problem is with the CCP — its internal repression, its external aggression, and its malign influence in free and open societies,” said Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin.

Many people claim that discrimination against Chinese people is a consequence of President Donald Trump openly referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus,” and the author’s aim here is to rally against this discrimination. Nevertheless, Rogin is placing the blame on the Chinese Communist Party, thus clarifying that it is not about a certain country but the underlying ideology.

While China is doing enormous humanitarian work today, with tons of aid to the countries most affected by the virus, the spread was global precisely because the Chinese government did not stop it on time. And now, more than ever, it is worth highlighting this. China is not the only communist regime trying to change its image during this crisis.

The Cuban Communist Party also wants to benefit from the coronavirus

Cuba, whose income from exporting doctors exceeds that of the tourism industry, also sent a delegation of 50 doctors to Italy to fight the coronavirus.

Cuba advertises itself as a medical power when, in fact, the shortage of hospital staff on the island is a direct consequence of the use of doctors for propaganda purposes. It is more profitable for the Cuban Communist Party to charge 3000 dollars per doctor abroad, of which the state expropriates between 75% and 90%, while in Cuba, the average salary of state employees is around 42 dollars.

Therefore, the regime needs to promote its health care system to boost its greatest source of income: the enslavement of doctors, who are forbidden to travel with their families.

For thousands of doctors, that sacrifice is valuable because it allows them to feed their families in a country where food is scarce. Cuba is unable to feed its population, in part because of its limited cash flow, which is why China is sending them lesser food because Cuba is not paying off its debts.

Of the 9.8 billion dollars that China has forgiven its debtors in the last decade, six billion dollars went to the communist regime in Havana.

Given the economic impact suffered by China as a result of COVID-19, particularly because its trade agreement with the US was suspended, the Asian giant has had to adjust its loans, and the Cuban people are suffering the consequences through starvation.

In other words, the link between this pandemic and the Communist Party goes beyond China as a nation. This political ideology, when established in other countries, has similar effects and impacts on the culture and even the health of people, now worldwide.

So in honor of the Chinese people, who were the first victims of the Communist Party, it would be fair to speak of a “communist virus.”

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