“Made in Italy:” How the Label for Luxury Spread the Coronavirus

Direct flights were set up between Rome and China to transport workers hired by Chinese investors who put the "Made in Italy" label on luxury garments

The elderly population of Italy is the most affected by the virus, which arrived in the country through Chinese workers on direct flights (EFE).

Spanish – Italy is the country that is suffering most from the Covid-19 pandemic. More than 59,000 people have been infected, and around 5,500 have died. For those who wonder why and how it affects the rest of the world, “Made in Italy” is the answer.

Garments made in Italy are considered to be the most luxurious in the textile industry. Direct, non-stop flights between Rome and China were set up for easy access, allowing the virus to spread from its place of origin to the country that now has the most fatalities.

Although the label says “Made in Italy,” the workforce and even the owners are Chinese. As early as 2010, 60,000 Chinese were living in the town of Prato, an industrial suburb of Florence.

The first cases of COVID-19 in the country appeared in February, precisely in the industrial areas of northern Italy.

China silences journalists who expose the regime’s wrongdoing

Since the incubation period of the virus is 14 days, the dates coincide with the Chinese New Year celebrations, which began on January 25. The textile workers traveled to their home country to celebrate, and when they returned, many of them without symptoms, they transmitted the virus to the Italian population in the north of the country.

From a crematorium in Wuhan, Li Zehua, a news anchor from China Central Television (CCTV) who resigned to cover the news independently, reported that among the dead were migrant workers who celebrated the Chinese New Year (12th February) surrounded by 40,000 families. The journalist blamed the regime for allowing the celebrations amid an outbreak.

Fourteen days later, on 26 February, Zehua filmed a live video, where, in the end, two state security agents entered her home. Since then, she has not posted anything again.

Both Italy and the U.S. can trace the origin of the pandemic to China

According to The American Spectator, 80% of people infected with the Chinese virus have mild symptoms or none at all. That is why they transmit the disease without knowing it, which suggests that the Chinese returning from Italy brought the disease with them. He adds that many cases of COVID-19 in the United States can be traced back to the Italian outbreak, including the first case reported in New Hampshire, which was a person who had traveled to Italy. Also, the first case reported in the state of Missouri was a college student who had been studying in Italy.

The fear of saying that the virus is Chinese makes it difficult to trace the origin and find the cure

The media’s focus is currently more on blaming President Donald Trump for calling Covid-19 the “Chinese virus,” rather than fighting the pandemic. These campaigns of alleged “social sensitivity” and “political correctness” only hinder the search for the root of the problem.

The U.S. already has over 32,000 cases and around 471 deaths. Globally, there are more than 350,000 cases and at least 15,000 deaths, of which more than a third are in Italy.

According to a Chinese study, the blood type most affected by Covid-19 is “A.” Since 36% of the Italian population has this blood group, they are more vulnerable. Additionally, the elderly constitute 23% of the population and are at greater risk than other age groups.

Thus, Italy has all the ingredients for this pandemic, and they are paying the highest price for exporting luxury goods: life.

Well, the garments that claim to be Made in Italy have the same origin as the coronavirus: Chinese.

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