China’s Cyberwar to Blame the United States for Coronavirus

China silenced and imprisoned the doctors who warned of the danger of the coronavirus but now proclaims itself a hero and labels the United States as the hangman.

The trade war between China and the U.S. has become a cyberwar due to the coronavirus (EFE).

Spanish – The U.S.-China trade war had ended with agreements. But with the rise of the coronavirus, negotiations were put on hold, and the confrontation moved to the computer level.

Donald Trump called COVID-19 the “Chinese virus” because it was born there. In response, the Chinese authorities have gone so far as to accuse him of xenophobia and racism.

China silenced and persecuted doctors who warned us of the risks of the coronavirus

White House national security advisor Robert O’Brien doubled down and said publicly that “this outbreak in Wuhan was covered up.” He said doctors who warned us about the danger of the virus in its early stages were either jailed or silenced.

“It probably took the global community two months to respond, and in those two months, they could have dramatically curtailed what happened in China, and what is now happening around the world,” he added.

The most prominent case was that of the ophthalmologist, Li Wenliang, one of eight people arrested for “spreading rumors” about the outbreak of the deadly disease.

Li even had 1.5 billion readers on his coronavirus blog. He was censored back in December and died of coronavirus infection in February.

The U.S. Secretary of Defense criticized the disinformation spread by the Chinese communist regime

That is why U.S. Defense Secretary Mike Pompeo asked the Communist Party of China to stop the disinformation disseminated by the propaganda media claiming that the new coronavirus was first spread in China by the U.S. military.

Pompeo said this to Yang Jiechi, the director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China, via a phone call.

In a statement issued by the State Department, Pompeo “conveyed strong U.S. objections to PRC efforts to shift blame for COVID-19 to the United States.”

“The Secretary stressed that this is not the time to spread disinformation and outlandish rumors, but rather a time for all nations to come together to fight this common threat,” the statement concluded.

High-ranking Chinese dignitaries, such as Lijian Zhao, deputy director-general of China’s “Department of Information,” as well as Lin Songtian, China’s ambassador to South Africa, are spreading anti-U.S. propaganda on social media.

Zhao, for example, recently shared an article alleging that the coronavirus originated in the U.S.

Although the evidence available so far shows that Wuhan, China, is “ground zero” for the coronavirus, the Chinese government is trying to disassociate itself from its guilt and blame it on its main trade rival, the United States.

Accusations of a “bot army” programmed to spread propaganda in favor of China’s communist regime

The disinformation campaign allegedly includes an army of “bots” to spread false claims, according to Raheem Kassam, editor-in-chief of National Pulse, former senior advisor to Brexit leader Nigel Farage, and member of the academic advisory board of the Institut des Sciences Sociales.

“Bots” in computer language refers to users created to impart propaganda.

One way to detect them is that they are usually profiles with few or no followers. The date on which the profiles were created also indicates the falsity of their origin, especially the objectives. Since most of these profiles date from March 2020, Kassam alleges that bots have been created to promote Chinese propaganda.

China claims to have defeated the coronavirus. The people shout, “Fake, all fake!”

Even the Ministry of Propaganda published a manual in six languages, as a program of action for the rest of the world, entitled “A battle against the epidemic: China’s fight against COVID-19 in 2020.″.

It is available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic, in addition to Chinese. But the civilian population is shouting in Chinese: “False, all false!” This is what the inhabitants of a residential complex shouted from their apartment windows during the visit of Vice Prime Minister Sun Chunlan, one of the highest-ranking officials of the party.

According to the local press, the yelling was motivated by a bogus delivery of groceries to closed apartments when, in fact, the residents were being confined and neglected. Furthermore, the residents reported that unprecedented cleaning was done just before the official’s visit.

Since the Chinese Communist regime controls what is said in the country where the coronavirus pandemic was born, its greatest defense now is to impart to the world, the narrative it maintains at home.

The cries that the regime’s claims are false have already begun in China; now, the rest of the world has to play its part.

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