Spain’s Vox Party on International Tour to Strengthen Right-Wing Alliances

Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, traveled to Washington with Ivan Espinosa to meet with the Trump administration

Vox’s president, Santiago Abascal, is on tour strengthening alliances with the global right. (EFE)

Spanish – The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington includes Vox president Santiago Abascal and party spokesman in Congress Ivan Espinosa in this edition.

The president of Vox is on an international tour strengthening alliances with the global right. In early February, he was in Rome at the National Conservative Conference, invited by former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, whose government encourages the multiplication of families through tax deductions.

“We are a dying country,” said Italy’s health minister in 2015, and the trend continues. Europe has no children. More people die in Spain than are born, a topic that is already being addressed in the country’s presidential debates. A nation without children is a nation without a future. And the only party that proposed strengthening families, cutting taxes, and allowing prosperity to encourage reproduction was Vox.

In other words, not through government control or programs, but freedom. Such freedom is diametrically opposed to the socialism that Abascal faces, and therefore he met with the ambassador of Venezuela, the South American country most affected by the same ideology.

Such an approach, in which the family, not the state, is the axis of society and therefore of the nation, is in line with the proposals of the conservative leaders with whom Abascal seeks to ally himself.

Also on the agenda is a meeting with members of the Trump administration. Abascal and Espinosa will travel to New York to meet with Vox supporters at the Queens Spanish Center.

Today, Vox is the third-largest force in Spain. It rose in the same way that Donald Trump came to power, through outspokenness against political correctness, what Santiago Abascal calls the “trendy dictatorship,” which includes challenging language censorship and gender ideology, the fight against abortion, and the defense of traditions, especially in the countryside, which is the most productive part of the country.

The mainstream media was totally against Vox during the campaign in the same way that they were against Trump. This only boosted the support of his base. For the fourth estate, the press proved to be not the voice of the people but the political elite. While Abascal announced that he was the voice of the “early rising Spain,” that is, of the working man.

In the case of Trump, a multimillionaire, his story was not so much about who he was but about what he offered: more freedom, fewer taxes, and therefore more jobs and less poverty.

And so it was, under the Trump administration, unemployment in the U.S. reached an all-time low of less than 3.6%. The tax reform not only succeeded in reducing taxes and promoting both employment and wage increases but also included the creation of free economic zones in disadvantaged neighborhoods, injecting 44 billion dollars into communities now called “opportunity zones.”

The link to Vox is not new. Last year, Iván Espinosa was already the deputy secretary of international relations for Vox at the conference of U.S. Conservatives.

It is worth mentioning that for the first time in history, a CPAC was held in Brazil in 2019 by Eduardo Bolsonaro, the most voted congressman in the history of the great country of South America.

So this is not a unilateral crusade by Vox, whose secretary-general was in Argentina calling on Latin America to wage a culture battle, but rather the world right is organizing itself to strengthen its sovereignist alliances as a brake on the intervention of globalist organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, etc.

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