Cuban Refugees Protest Against Communism in Chile

Former Cuban intelligence agent condemns regime infiltration in Chile

“Long live freedom of expression!” Cubans living in exile join the marches opposing Cuba’s communism (Photo authorized to PanAm Post).


Spanish – The Chilean constitution may be amended in the style of 21st-century socialism through a constitutional assembly. Confronted with this risk, Cubans living in exile in Chile led one of the marches rejecting the plebiscite. They did so honoring Armando Sosa Fortuny, the political prisoner who suffered the most years in a Castro dungeon and died without regaining his freedom after 43 years in prison for confronting the communist tyranny that has subjugated Cuba for more than half a century.

The expatriates seek to elevate their legacy so that Cuba’s present does not become Chile’s future. The Organization of American States has also denounced the destabilization instigated from Havana and Caracas across South America. Consequently, those who have suffered under communism and escaped to Chile in the search for liberty have taken to the streets to defend freedom of expression, something that is not respected in Cuba.

“Thousands of people marched against the constituent assembly proposed by the left. The march also highlighted the cause of Cuban freedom through the martyrdom of Armando Sosa Fortuny. Every day, more people learn about the sacrifice of this man, who is a symbol of the freedom struggle,” states part of the statement issued by the Sosa Fortuny Solidarity Action. The group, created for a civic struggle against a communist takeover in Chile, recently led a demonstration in front of the Cuban Embassy in Santiago de Chile to protest Sosa Fortuny’s death.

Rubén Olea, a coordinator of the organization, said that Sosa Fortuny “has become a moving symbol of the anti-communist struggle for freedom and democracy within Cuba, among the Cuban exiles, and in Latin America.

Homenaje a Sosa Fortuny en Chile

La figura de Armando Sosa Fortuny, quien fuera el prisionero político más antiguo del castrismo, ha trascendido fronteras. Este sábado, la recién creada, acción solidaria Sosa Fortuny, estuvo presente en una marcha en Chile, en contra de la instauración de una nueva asamblea constituyentePublicado originalmente en –

Posted by Marti Noticias on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Although Fortuny was able to go into exile in the first months of the communist revolution, he returned by boat with more patriots in October 1960 on the historic Navas Expedition to support the peasant uprising against the Castros.

The regime retaliated by imprisoning him for 18 years. He then went into exile again only to return to Cuba on August 5, 1994, after the Maleconazo citizen uprising. There, he tried to organize the Resistance in Cuba. As a result, he lost his freedom until the end of his life.

Today he is considered a martyr for the cause of freedom. Three cities in South Florida: Miami, Hialeah, and Doral, the epicenter of the Venezuelan exiled community, have declared days to honor Armando Sosa Fortuny.

Former Cuban intelligence officer: officer in charge of destabilization operations in Chile

Enrique García, a former official of the Cuban Interior Ministry’s General Intelligence Directorate (DGI), says that Fortuny’s executioners are now present in the most prosperous country in the region, Chile. In an interview with the Chilean newspaper El Líbero, he affirmed that there is “a network” to destabilize Chile directed by “the Cuban intelligence service and the head of the Cuban intelligence service in Chile is Warner Lores Mora,” who appears in the data of the Chilean Consular Services as the Cuban consul in the southern country, which he arrived a month after Sebastián Piñera assumed his second term.

“In April 2018, he began his duties as Minister-Counselor of the Cuban Embassy in Chile, a diplomatic position that masks, is a facade, of his true function as the head of the Cuban intelligence center in Chile. His appointment as head of the center is a promotion within his career as an intelligence officer,” García said.

García also presented photographs of Lores Mora participating in different activities, some of which were organized by the Chilean Communist Party. This link was revealed when Hugo Reyes Oyarce, a member of that party, announced through a photo published in November 2018, “today, it was the turn of the Committee of Solidarity with Cuba Fidel Castro Ruz de Talca to accompany comrade Warnel Lores Mora, Minister Counselor of the Cuban Embassy, on a protocol visit to the Linares Province, meeting with authorities, concluding with a meeting with left-wing Chileans and friends of Cuba and its people, where a new Committee of Solidarity with Cuba was practically constituted, which will try to be present at the National Meeting of the Committees of Solidarity from all over Chile next weekend in Temuco.”

The Deputies of the Communist Party and the Broad Front were reported to the Chilean Constitutional Court (TC) for violating Article 60, paragraph five of the constitution, by “inciting the alteration of public order” for their role in instigating subversive actions that began in October 2019.

The Constitutional Court removed those involved from their posts as deputies. Moreover, they could not be hired in the public sector or be popularly elected in the next two years.

While the situation of the deputies is being resolved, the civilian population is taking to the streets to reject the change regarding the constitution. Now, they are hand in hand with Cuban expatriates for they fear that the same fate like Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and, of course, Cuba: a socialist Magna Carta will violate the rule of law.

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