Hollywood Celebrities Applaud Karl Marx at Oscars

"Workers of the world, unite," the new cry of millionaires proclaiming impoverishment

The ideologization of Hollywood was evident when Renée Zellweger extolled the American dream and met with silence and Marx’s quote was applauded (EFE).

Spanish – The Oscars red carpet has become a catwalk of political activism. In the latest edition, a filmmaker paraphrased Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto from the stage, no less than when she received the award for best documentary for a film produced by Barack Obama.

“Workers of the world unite,” Marx’s text hailed. “Things will get better when workers of the world unite,” said Julia Reichert, co-director of the documentary “American Factory,” produced by the former Democratic president’s new film company, at the Academy Awards ceremony. In co-production with Netflix, the Obamas launched the film production company Higher Ground, which allows them to tell stories by appealing to emotions, not evidence.

When Reichert received the award for the best documentary, she said, “Working people have it harder and harder these days.” Her claim can easily be refuted with data.

Under the presidency of Donald Trump, unemployment reached an all-time low. Less than 3.6% of the population is unemployed, and at least seven million people are no longer dependent on the state for access to food. Obama’s record low was 4.8%. However, in the mindset of the average leftist, particularly among the elites, the reality is different, and they have the audiovisual industry at their service to proclaim it.

So much so that when the actress Reneé Zellweger gave her speech in favor of the “American dream” and how she, the daughter of migrants, succeeded in the U.S., she was not applauded, while Marx’s quote generated a furor.

Obama produced a film that ignores his role in job loss

The feature-length documentary, American Factory, is a critique of the U.S. auto industry. The film overlooks the damage caused by the Obama administration to workers, as the former president was governing the country when auto workers struggled under the Democrat’s policies.

Once the film was released, Congressman Mike Turner, former mayor of the city of Dayton, Ohio (near the factory), published a column in The Wall Street Journal exposing Obama and his role as president in making the lives of workers who lost their jobs worse:

It’s a fascinating and sometimes touching film. However, the interesting thing about it is that it never alludes to the role Obama played in diminishing the ability of the fired workers in Moraine (Ohio city) to transfer to other General Motors factories. The president’s role was not indirect, and this isn’t disputable. His administration’s rescue agreement for GM included an exclusive backroom deal with the United Auto Workers.

First of all, he explains that it was Obama’s “financial rescue” that forced the plant to close and made it difficult for workers to find new jobs. The latter because, in keeping with the leftist ideology, Obama offered political favors to union allies, and the workers at the concerned factory were in the “wrong” union.

The General Motors plant in the city of Moraine belonged to the union (International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Wage, Machine, and Furniture Workers – Communications Workers of America). At the same time, the Obama administration’s automotive rescue favored the UAW (United Auto Workers) and its members.

The plant portrayed in Obama’s documentary was closed, and the workers were left unemployed because the agreement between the UAW and the government did not include them. Moreover, all the workers who were not linked to this union had to start from scratch as new employees, losing all the benefits accumulated over the years as employees in other General Motors plants.

But the documentary “American Factory” only shows the efforts of the Obama-benefited union (UAW) to reopen the auto glass factory, without mentioning how this same union affected unrelated workers, nor the role of the former president turned film producer.

But the documentary “American Factory” only shows the efforts of the Obama-backed union (UAW) for the reopening of the auto glass factory, without mentioning how this same union affected the unrelated workers, nor the role of the former president turned film producer.

That’s why Republican lawmaker Turner says it was thanks to bipartisan efforts, supported by Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, that the plant reopened with the help of Chinese investors that the film criticizes.

“How could a nearly two-hour film that tells the story of these workers not mention the direct role that the co-owner of the film’s production company played in creating their difficulties? Did the filmmakers think no one would remember?” asks Turner.

And it’s not the first time. Filmmaker Michael Moore has already built his career on showing the destruction of the U.S. industrial zone and the health of its inhabitants, ignoring the role of the administration of Democratic mayors, as in the case of the city of Flint, Michigan. In the presidential race, Moore has already declared his support for Bernie Sanders, the socialist pre-candidate of the Democratic Party.

Thus, the entertainment industry has become complicit not only in political propaganda but in glorifying state interference as social justice. So much so that when Trump announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria, Hollywood reacted against it.

From the comfort of Beverly Hills, sending young people to die in the Middle East is not a personal risk, nor is it a risk to be touted from mansions by socialism, and the poverty and hunger it produces. Now even a former president, Obama, has a production company at his service to set up a story at his convenience.

In the words of Margaret Thatcher, “socialism does not come from the people. It is a doctrine of intellectuals who had the arrogance to believe that they could better plan everyone’s life.” Hollywood proves this.

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