Overpopulation: Bernie Sanders Proposes Financing Abortions in Developing Countries

The Mexico City Agreement protects unborn children from U.S.-funded abortions; Sanders seeks to revoke it.

U.S. presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, suggested financing abortions in developing countries as a solution for climate change (WikiCommons)

Spanish – Financing abortions in developing countries was the solution proposed by U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to reverse supposed global overpopulation. The proposal was raised in the context of the debate on climate change. Democratic voters applauded Sanders’ plan.

As America approaches presidential elections in a year, birth control is a controversial topic that guides voters. On the one hand, Democrats want to legalize abortion up to birth. On the other hand, Republicans are banning abortion from the point of detection of a heartbeat.

Donald Trump was the first president to attend the annual March for Life. His opponents seen to expand existing legislation given the possibility his administration prohibiting abortion completely.

The Mexico City agreement protects the unborn from abortions financed by the U.S. Sanders wants to reverse it.

“Women in the United States have the right to control their bodies and make reproductive decisions, and the Mexico City Agreement denies help to U.S. organizations around the world that allow women to abort or even get involved in birth control. I think it is absurd,” Bernie Sanders said.

In other words, he seeks not only to facilitate abortions in the United States but also to use the taxes of his fellow citizens to finance abortions in the poorest countries of the world.

To achieve this, Sanders would have to revoke the policy instituted by President Ronald Reagan in Mexico City in 1984. Barack Obama already revoked it. However, Donald Trump reversed Obama’s decision and took up Reagan’s policy to create the Global Gag Rule to end all U.S. taxpayer-funded abortions.

What Bernie Sanders and his followers don’t know is that according to the legislation of all of Latin America, signatories to the San Jose Pact, life is considered a right since the point of conception. Therefore what they ask for would be morally as well as legally punishable because it violates national constitutions and requires the execution of the youngest in society.

Obianujy Ekeocha, an African pro-life activist, responded to Sanders noting that the triumph of a Democratic party president in the U.S. would mean tyrannical population control and the massacre of African babies before birth.

She accompanies her message with the documentary she produced titled “strings attached” about the interests behind governments and international organizations, particularly NGOs, that offer reproductive aid to Africa and in reality decimate its population.

The focal point is “ideological colonization,” which involves sowing the idea that humans are the problem and not the solution. Therefore, to solve the problems of humanity, it is necessary to reduce it.

Overpopulation is a myth

But the truth is that the statistics point out that the overpopulation that the Democratic candidates and their followers warn so much about is not real. In Spain, for example, more people die than are born, a phenomenon that threatens an increasingly older Europe with fewer children.

The Italian Minister of Health, Beatrice Lorenzin, warned, “We are a dying country,” she said in 2015.


The Population Research Institute presents statistics showing that overpopulation is a myth. (UN)

“Goodbye, Rome,” says the Population Research Institute (POI), warning that the French, Germans, Italians, and British will practically cease to exist.

A UN report titled World Population at 2300 shows a picture of Europe’s future if fertility rates do not rise above current levels: ‘The European Union, which has recently expanded to encompass 452-455 million people (according to 2000-2005 statistics), would fall to only 59 million by 2300. Approximately half of the countries in Europe would lose 95 % or more of their population, and countries such as the Russian Federation and Italy would have only one percent of their population.

Similarly, the American Council on Science and Health echoed the book Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline. It indicates that even the most numerous countries, such as China, already have a declining population and that by the middle of this century, the same will happen in Brazil and Indonesia.

Although he highlights that in areas such as sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, the population is multiplying, he projects that it is beginning to slow down.

So the evidence is that not only is the world not overpopulating, but there are areas where the lack of children is already a problem.

Instead of protecting children who are becoming scarce, Bernie Sanders seeks to destroy legislation that protects children in developing nations from the force of powerful nations and does so supposedly for the benefit of the planet. The impunity he enjoys while making these remarks is noteworthy.

In 2018, abortion was the number one cause of death in the world, surpassing 41 million people.

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