Democrats Delete Tweet Exposing How Obama Caged Migrants

In an attempt to win the Hispanic vote, Democrats denounced Trump for the use of “cages” on the border. However, those cages were built by Obama.

The “cages” at the border, denounced by Democrats and allies, were built under Obama. (WikiCommons)


The House Oversight and Reform Committee which is majority democratic deleted tweets showing images of “caged” migrants. The photographs were intended to criticize President Trump’s handling of the U.S.-Mexico border crisis. However, sooner or later it would come to light that it was not the sitting president, but former President Obama, who created the current system.

The Republican Party’s Oversight and Reform Committee exposed how their democratic counterparts deleted the tweet. The Committee took the opportunity to point out that the photos used by the Democrats were from 2014 when Obama was president.

“Last week, members of our Committee visited a detention center on the southern border and discovered the grotesque treatment of children. This week, we are examining the inhumane treatment of children in these detention centers,” said the tweet that was since deleted.

“Children in Cages: Inhuman Treatment at the Border,” the poster said in red letters. Democrats had to delete it since the word spread that the government of former president Barack Obama had built the system of “cages.”

Two weeks ago, the PanAm Post published statements by Thomas Homan, the associate executive director of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) during the second term of democratic president Barack Obama. Homan, who still holds the same post in Trump’s presidency, publicly declared, “the facility was built during Obama’s presidency under Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. I was there when it was built.”

President Trump was quick to comment. He explained through social media how the opposition party had to retract.

“Democrats had to quickly take down a tweet called “Kids In Cages, Inhumane Treatment at the Border,” because the horrible picture used was from the Obama years. Very embarrassing!” Trump exclaimed.

The border influences the Hispanic vote

The Democratic Party knows the risk it faces regarding the management of the border situation since the presidential campaign for 2020 has already begun, and the Hispanic vote exerts a strong influence. There are currently approximately 59 million Hispanics in the United States.

Since the death of John F. Kennedy and the rise to power of Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, the democratic party has appealed to sectored votes. The party reaches out to minorities and proclaims itself as the hero of those who are defenseless by promoting policies that foster state-dependence.

 The democratic presidential candidates learned the hard way that they can’t use their usual rhetoric in the state of Florida which has a massive influx of migrants from socialist regimes such as Cuba, Venezuela, and to a lesser extent, Nicaragua. Most democratic candidates propose socialist policies that have been practiced in Latin American countries that lived under or still live under socialism 

Candidates like Bernie Sanders are popular among university students who haven’t had real jobs yet and therefore don’t understand the costs of the supposedly “free” things that the democratic politicians offer.

As for the situation on the border, Latinos are as divided as their political affiliations: 50/50. On the one hand, they exclaim that they are the ones who most want control at the border to put an end to the violence that migrants suffer along the way. Last month alone, more than 50 Cubans were buried in a mass grave after they drowned trying to cross Central America.

Cubans could reach the U.S. through the sea until former president Obama rescinded the policy that safeguarded those who set foot on American land. Now, the Cuban migrants must cross all of Central America and Mexico illegally.

Further, one out of every three women who cross the border suffers some sexual violence. The migrants include young girls making the situation critical. Many of these girls even travel with emergency contraceptive pills in case they are raped.

On the other hand, as migrants, many Hispanics fear rigorous border policies that could prevent family reunification.

Since Trump’s first presidential campaign, the Democratic Party has tried to use that fear in its favor, caricaturing Trump as a cage builder; when in fact the bars were built by the administration of former President Barack Obama.

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