How the Oscars destroy individuality

Social justice emerges at the Academy Awards in Hollywood, promoting racism and sexism


Contradictions: demanding respect for women at the Oscars, while denigrating men is applauded. (Credits: PanAm Post)

Sunday night was the most anticipated award ceremony of the year for film fans, the Oscars. Predictably, the event was politicized. Even the host invited the award winners to include political slogans in their speeches. But the Academy Awards were even more radical than usual. In particular, one thing was made quite clear: for the Hollywood elite, individuals do not exist.

Instead of measuring the merit of each person, the winner’s genetic composition takes center stage. That is, individuals are collectivized in groups, based not on the features of their character but rather their genes.

To combat racism, instead of evaluating individuals beyond their color, it takes on a leading role. To combat sexism, instead of treating men and women as equals they demand quotas allocated for the sexes through a legal requirement.

Activism on the screen, on stage, and elsewhere

In order to further social justice initiatives, ten environmentalist, abortionist, trade unionist, feminist, and gun control activists were invited to the stage.

Ironically, while highlighting the importance of integrating ethnic minorities in front of and behind the scenes, one of the organizers of Black Lives Matter posed on the red carpet next to the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, under whose mandate black babies have been aborted more than any other ethnic group.

According to the statistics of the organization itself, between just 1998 and 2015, 16.1 million women aborted, of whom 108 died. It prevented the birth of around a million babies every year -mostly from of black mothers. These were  the ‘achievements’ of PlannedParenthood, an organization that receives state funds.

It is worth mentioning that thousands of those aborted were old enough to survive outside the womb. In the United States; the law that sought to prohibit abortion after five months (when the fetus -though premature- is developed enough to feel the process of gestation) was repealed.

Hence, the representative of the organization that demands better treatment of the black population by state forces posed next to the one that uses state funds to deny the right to life of millions.

According to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene of New York City, where Planned Parenthood was created, in 2012, 42.4% of abortions were from black women and 31% Hispanic, with 73% of total abortions between them.

At the awards ceremony, members of the Latino community were also highlighted. Among them, the Mexican actress Salma Hayek, who led the night’s campaign for victims of sexual abuse given her own experience with film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein demanded sexual favors in exchange for funding and providing logistical support for the film Frida, where Hayek played a Mexican painter. In the film, the painter was buried with a communist flag and painted herself next to the dictator Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin (who ordered ethnic cleansing and ideological purges where millions died at a time.) Also between them in the painting was Frida’s lover, Trotsky, who was a leader of the Red Army that devastated the lives of millions.


Hayek shared the stage with actress Ashley Judd, who also had a role in Frida and has been a prominent figure in the recent feminist marches, most centering on their opposition to the Trump administration. Judd said one of the most ideological phrases of the night: “equality, diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality. ”

Doubtless, she did not reflect on the logical contradiction that implies demanding the adoption of two antonyms: equality and diversity. Then she mentions intersectionality, which is a neo-Marxist term that refers to the association of alleged forms of collective discrimination such as sexism, racism, classism and “ageism”, which are not addressed as separate problems but as intertwined.


In this way, individuals disappear completely, identified instead to the collectives assigned to meet “inclusion quotas”. People are not judged by their actions but by their belonging.

In this worldview, individuals do not arrive where they are because of their talent, merit or effort, but because of their chromosomes.


(LA Times)

The polarization and politicization of the awards predicated a decrease of 19% in viewership versus last year, the worst all-time ratings for the awards show. This decrease was also affected by the new ways in which the event can be watched.

According to the LA Times, the moment that generated the most controversy was during the award for best actress, the winner closed her speech with a demand: “inclusion rider”, a clause that requires parity between the sexes in the cast by contract. That is, there should be more women by decree.

Also, at the beginning of the event, the presenter -Jimmy Kimmel- remarked that only 11% of the directors were women; as if sex were relevant.

What’s more, the host said that the Oscar statue was what men should be like: full of limitations, with their hands in place, without the ability to be rude and without a penis. While he was at it, he said he wanted to be a woman. In all, he described men as an uncontainable beast.

Meanwhile, he concluded that the box office movie The Shape of Water showed that the failure of men was such, that women began to date fish.

Since the film reflects how postmodern culture rejects beauty as a standard, it turned a story where a scientist rescues a beautiful mermaid with human features (Splash, with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah) into one where a woman saves a sea monster that she falls in love with.

Far from creating, they choose to “resignify”, to take what exists and distort it. That is, not only do they not consider the sexes equal–contrary to what they claim–but they highlight the differences and intend for women to be integrated in a compulsory way, by obligation. Instead of collaboratively, as individuals, they seek to impose this ‘inclusivity’.

Covered with diamonds and emeralds, they intend to inculcate that the average person is a victim; since intersectionality gives them that possibility. It doesn’t matter what you do, your genes are what matter.

Likewise, whoever is outside the assigned groups loses any individual condition and therefore the presumption of innocence. No matter what they do, they are on another stratum predefined by their chromosomes.

All this so the Hollywood elite can show, from their private planes, that they defend renewable energy. That they demand the disarmament of civilians, while guarded by their private security.

If Hollywood affirms the dichotomy of social justice that divides society between victims and victimizers, then their constant contradictions cancel each other out; denying the individual the ability to choose what to do, because the intersectional guillotine will place you on one side for the mere fact of existing.

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