The “Opposition” Killed the Protests. Is There Hope for Venezuela?

The MUD –for “Democratic Unity Roundtable” in Spanish — are supposedly the main “opposition” force in Venezuela; but in reality, it has merely been the most recent of these expertly-crafted trojan horses. (wikipedia)

After the heroic protests in Venezuela kept the world on the edge, expecting to finally witness an overdue change in our repressed, beaten and abused country, Venezuela has gone out of style — and it makes sense.

Why follow the events in Venezuela if there’s no hope? It’s a waste of time.

And why is there no hope?

For years, the world’s socialists have successfully championed the idea that Venezuela is a somewhat deteriorated democracy but a democracy after all. A democracy where there’s a government that oversteps its limits and has dictatorial aspirations and on the other hand a democratic and moderate opposition that seeks to change the government through democratic elections. And they’ve always been SO close to achieving this goal, but for X or Y they could not: if only they had X percent more support, or if they’d had more volunteers in the polling stations, or more charismatic leaders, or whatever endless amount of mediocre rationalizations devised to hide the truth:

Venezuela has no government and no opposition. There is a narco-terrorist cartel with an “opposition” that’s made up of its partners and blackmail victims — deadly blackmail, that is.

This is a blood-thirsty criminal group that’s deceived the world for over 18 years using a carefully orchestrated mirage of it being the winner of democratic elections –when in reality, it’s always had total control of the entire “electoral” process and its players, including the “opposition leaders”.

These narco-terrorists have used the guise of their “democracy” as a cloak and shield allowing them to commit the worst crimes against humanity that the American continent has seen: ruthless political persecution, over three hundred thousand homicides by the hands of their well protected thugs, 30 percent increase in infant mortality in just one year, a deliberately brought about famine whereupon the average Venezuelan has lost more than 10 kilos in a year, and painfully, there’s so much more.

Again and again — since before the arrival of the treacherous and coup-leading Hugo Chávez to power — this cartel, devised and propped up by the tyrant Fidel Castro from Havana, has used the most meticulous Machiavellian-Leninist techniques of misleading through deception and distraction. They have masterfully placed politicians to seduce and lead the opposition’s masses along destined-to-fail “electoral” paths, while seamlessly wedging the Cartel into power.

The MUD –for “Democratic Unity Roundtable” in Spanish — are supposedly the main “opposition” force in Venezuela; but in reality, it has merely been the most recent of these expertly-crafted trojan horses.

This coalition is led mainly by puppets of the cartel. And so — it has accomplished its purpose with an outstanding and most macabre splendor: maintaining the regime.

They are responsible for forfeiting two presidential elections that were clearly won, putting out the 2014 La Salida movement protests that brought the regime to its knees, and diverting civilians’ frustrations towards harmless channels such as the self-sabotaging National Assembly (Congress). They are also responsible for killing the last and heroic wave of civilian protests only to gain some measly and symbolic local government offices. And this is just a humble summary of the MUD’s rather extensive record of hindering any real path that might lead to recovering Venezuela’s Freedom.

By now, there’s no arguing against the fact that Venezuelans have no chance of ousting the regime from within Venezuela nor without international help.

The true Resistance’s titanic efforts within Venezuela must — necessarily — be accompanied by a firm agenda on the international stage. This must be a political, social, cultural, logistical and above all: military agenda.

Why a military agenda?

Venezuela will not be freed without the presence of an armed forces capable of challenging the Castro-Chavez mafia.

Even if Maduro miraculously decided to cede power to whomever he pleased to from the opposition, the rest of his cartel would have to rise up in arms to defend their own interests. Otherwise, they would face the highest of prison sentences –nationally and internationally– as a consequence of their prolific, corrupt, criminal and murderous careers. And they know it.

The only way to achieve freedom and avoid this clash would be to forge a military menace so overwhelming that it would make all Chavista axis criminals tremble at the thought of the inevitable consequences of foregoing surrender. Given this scenario, even 50 years in prison would seem more attractive to them.

The Cartel cannot be ousted democratically. They cannot be ousted peacefully. They cannot be ousted without foreign military intervention.

This is why the main goal for anyone who wishes to work for Venezuela’s Freedom must be the forging of an international military coalition.

This will not be an easy task, nor will it be impossible.

To begin with, all Venezuelans abroad with some level of proximity to people in power in the countries that have welcomed them must take on an enormous lobbying task while also shaping public opinion.

Recruiting logistical and military support from friendly countries will be essential.

But why should other countries offer military support to the cause of the Freedom for Venezuela?

It’s in their direct interest to support a Free Venezuela.

All countries in the American continent — and the greater part of western civilization– suffer the nefarious consequences of having had leaders willing to ignore and even collaborate with the establishment of the greatest criminal lair in modern history: Chavismo’s Venezuela.

Terrorists of all sorts (FARC, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, ETA, ISIS), countless drug cartels and vicious criminal organizations have operated with total impunity — and moreso, with the patronage from the “government”– in Venezuela. This medley of world evil has used Venezuela’s soil as their training grounds; Venezuelan institutions as their legitimacy suppliers (passports, documentation, money laundering operations, etc); and the Venezuelan cartel as its main supplier of resources –in arms, drugs, and even financing for criminal or “political” ventures.

Just about all of the world’s organized crime syndicates are intimately related to the narco-terrorist communist regime that ravages Venezuela.

It is very much in the interest of the world — and particularly of the entire American continent– to put an end to this limitless supply of criminal services and sponsorship that the Venezuelan Cartel provides to criminals from all countries, including criminals within the USA.

It is in the world’s interest to eliminate this menacing cancer that has tried, with great success, to metastasize and wreak havoc upon your very own country.

How can the leaders of the world help us Venezuelans?

  • Aiding and supporting the genesis of an international military coalition to rescue, liberate and free Venezuela.
  • Denouncing the Cuban-Venezuelan regime in international organizations for what it is: a narco-terrorist cartel and a threat to the whole world.
  • Beyond the well-deserved economic sanctions, issuing international arrest warrants for all officials of the Venezuelan “government”, that is, the Cartel.
  • Supporting all dissenting voices that maintain a firm and coherent stance against the regime.
  • Denouncing, reproaching, dismissing and identifying false “opposition” leaders as accomplices of the Cartel.  Those who — despite seductive words to the contrary — have always acted to favor the regime. For example: Henry Ramos Allup, Julio Borges, Manuel Rosales, Henry Falcón and Henrique Capriles.

What can you do?

  • Share this article and / or any content that promotes the raising of an army to free Venezuela.
  • Become a multiplier of this idea: Write. Record short or long videos. Express yourself in an artistic, logical, or any way you feel comfortable with. Tweet. No matter what you do or how you do it: do not limit yourself to granting your approval. Convert everyone you can into a believer that a humanitarian military intervention is necessary to recover Venezuela’s Freedom and in doing so deliver a blow to the world’s ruthless criminals that benefit from this tyranny.
  • Urge any leader you trust to become a spokesperson for this calling. Urge the Venezuelan judges in exile to join this cause and expose its legitimacy to an ever-growing audience.
  • Denounce and sabotage any attempts to keep the oppressive and murderous regime in power –such as its holding of phoney elections.
  • If you are able, join the Armed Forces of the Coalition for a Free Venezuela as soon as their creation is announced. Meanwhile, prepare yourself both physically and mentally. Train your body. Train your mind. The time will come.

Any ousting of the Cartel will take time and will require an army.

Even without armed attempts to free Venezuela from the criminals that hold it hostage– violent deaths in Venezuela will be in the dozens (more likely, hundreds) of thousands of lives taken at the hands of this terrorist regime.

Accepting the fact that the only way towards Freedom for Venezuela is with a humanitarian military intervention and beginning to act towards enabling this scenario and ensuring its success is the only path that will bring us closer to ending this nightmare and to the beginning of a new era full of peace, prosperity and a million possibilities.

The international stage is finally fertile to this idea. Many masks have fallen, and international leaders have changed. This is the golden moment. We must take this window of opportunity before it closes.

It is time for Venezuelans to recover our Liberty by the only way we have left.

And it’s time for the world to support us. We expect that it will.

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