What Is Energuate Hiding behind Misleading Statements?


This addresses a letter from Energuate Spokesman Waleska Ruiz, published on August 27, 2015.

Energuate‘s response to our articles is not as clean-cut as they want readers to believe. The company suggests that I had some help from Energuate in preparing the articles. The company then implies that I misused the information which it supposedly gave me. All of this is false.

My only meeting with Energuate took place last year, long before I was affiliated with the PanAm Post. The meeting was on a different subject, unrelated to the present articles. I requested and I received no information or any other form of help from Energuate regarding the PanAm Post series.

Energuate’s misrepresentations give rise to the very same charges that the company now levels at the PanAm Post and me. Their statements are out of context and are misleading. They appear to be purposely crafted to unfairly affect my image and reputation. One has to wonder about this behavior and what it is meant to conceal.

Steve Hecht
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Editor’s note: you can read Steve Hecht’s work here and here, and here is an interview with him. He has also had an earlier letter published with the PanAm Post.

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