Energuate Neutral on Ex-Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz


Greetings on behalf of Energuate. The following is to express our concern regarding the article “The Truth about Claudia Paz y Paz’s Reign over Guatemala,” published on August 5. The interpretation of the maps we developed to show the situation of social conflict in the country was used out of context, affecting our image and reputation.

We kindly attended your reporter and all his requests, because we were told he was writing a series of articles regarding the conflict in the electricity sector. During the interview, our spokesmen never issued an opinion regarding the ex-attorney general or mentioned that the maps were a reflection of her administration. The maps where elaborated to compare the growth index, specifically of the conflict affecting the energy sector.

We ask you to please include immediately a clarification in the article about our stance, or better yet, remove any mention of Energuate. For us it is imperative to clarify our position on this matter, which do not coincide with those expressed in the article.

Waleska Ruiz
Institutional Relations, Energuate
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Editor’s note: we have placed a comment at the bottom of the article, to clarify your position. However, the article only shared the image, which was in the public domain. It did not state an opinion from Energuate, so the content will remain unchanged.

Authors’ note: our article carries a pair of graphic images published by Energuate, a Guatemalan energy company, which represent Guatemala and the distribution of electric power in that country for the years 2010 and 2014. Energuate has asked us to clarify that the use of those images in our article implies no agreement on Energuate’s part with the opinions expressed in the article, or with the conclusions reached by the authors.

We, as the authors, have no trouble with this.

The dispute between Energuate and us does not concern the facts. On those, we and Energuate agree in every respect. The Energuate people only disagree with our interpretation.

That’s their perfect right. But their letter didn’t clearly and correctly address this; instead they crossed the line in several respects, including asking the PanAm Post to suppress our statements.

Read Steve Hecht’s extended response: “What Is Energuate Hiding behind Misleading Statements?

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