Latin America Is a Cautionary Tale about Socialist Experiments

Socialism shows that words are very powerful weapons, as propaganda has so effectively controlled people’s beliefs. (Wikipedia)

EspañolSocialism of the 21st Century shows that the movement has more or less gone unchanged over time — regardless of when or where it was implemented — and has also failed throughout history with always a different excuse: oil, oligarchy, the CIA, economic wars, etc.

Even if socialism could be applied under ideal conditions distant from reality, it would still not achieve great things. Socialists in Latin America could not have risen up at a better time and could not have enjoyed better conditions in which to implement their ideas, especially in countries like Ecuador and Venezuela where the amount of money their governments handled, thanks to the oil boom, was incredibly high.

Instead, they failed miserably, showing just how unsustainable socialism really is.

Socialism of the 21st Century proves that whether the president is a doctor in economics with more than a dozen honorary doctorates or a bus driver, the socialist system is doomed to failure. No human being can run an entire economy with presidential decrees.

Socialism creates policies that breed hatred and envy among those who are more well-off, causing high unemployment and shortages, while also generating low-quality products that don’t foster the commercial diversity that leads to healthy economic competitiveness.

Excessive amounts of taxes cause people who have a lot of money (even socialists themselves) to seek to protect their profits in other countries where tax collection is not so excessive.

After bitter experiences with socialism, it should be clear that what brings progress, growth and development is the amount of capital that exists in countries and the ability to obtain said capital. Free trade, too, is the best mechanism for lowering prices on products while also making them more varied and of better quality.

However, it should be noted that this is not only the fault of the socialist system, but the fault of all of us as well, because if we had not been carried away by the propaganda of pretty words that emphasize hatred, envy and, ultimately, the struggle of social classes, we never would have let these people into power in the first place.

To change, we must first change ourselves and the way we conceive the world.

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