Brazil and Canada Retaliate after Top Diplomats Expelled from Venezuela


EspañolBrazil and Canada have decided to retaliate against Nicolás Maduro’s regime in Venezuela for expelling their diplomats.

Brazil announced that Gerardo Delgado — the highest ranking diplomat in the country — persona non grata, meaning he is no longer welcome. “This decision is a simple mater of reciprocation,” a spokesman for Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

President Michel Temer’s administration had already announced that, in the event that the Venezuelan regime expel Ambassador to Brazil Ruy Pereira, it would apply “the corresponding measures of reciprocation.”

According to the President of the regime’s illegitimate Constituent Assembly, Delcy Rodríguez, the decision against the Brazilian ambassador will continue “as long as the de facto government continues to reign in violation of their constitution” — a comment referring to the dismissal of Temer’s predecessor Dilma Rousseff.

However, the measure against the Brazilian diplomat does not seem to be related to the dismissal of Brazil’s former President, since it occurred after the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the Venezuelan regime of taking “arbitrary” actions that compromised the country’s democracy.

Brazilian officials also criticized a decision to eliminate the Caracas Metropolitan City Hall, as well as the prohibition of three main opposition parties from participating in upcoming elections. Brazil also urged the Maduro regime to recognize the humanitarian crisis that the country is facing and to accept international aid.

The Canadian government, meanwhile, declared Venezuelan Ambassador Wilmer Barrientos persona non grata after the Chargé d’Affaires of Canada, Craib Kowalik, was expelled from Venezuela.

The regime’s reaction to expelling the ambassador after criticism of his government is “typical,” Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said. The move “undermines all efforts to restore democracy and help the Venezuelan people.”

“(We) will not remain on the sidelines while the government of Venezuela strips its people of their fundamental democratic and human rights, and denies them access to basic humanitarian assistance,” Freeland said.

She added, “(Canada) will continue to work with our partners in the region, including the Lima Declaration group, to pressure Maduro’s undemocratic regime and restore the rights of the Venezuelan people.”

Canada has strengthened its stance against the dictatorial regime in Venezuela, even sanctioning them with the intention of increasing pressure on Maduro to stop violating people’s human rights.

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