Bolivia’s President Threatens to Expel US Chargé d’Affaires over “Conspiracy”

“The US embassy conspires with the right and uses lies in their dirty war,” Morales said on Tuesday, November 7 during a speech in the western mining town of Llallagua. (Flickr)

Español Bolivian President Evo Morales accused the US Chargé d’Affaires Peter Brennan of conspiring against the government this week, and threatened to expel him from the country despite the fact that he is scheduled to leave his post in December anyway.

“The US embassy conspires with the right and uses lies in their dirty war,” Morales said on Tuesday, November 7 during a speech in the western mining town of Llallagua. According to Morales, the US is planning to attack Bolivia and its “democratic and cultural revolution” by targeting corruption and drug trafficking.

“I want the Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy to know: if he continues to conspire, if he continues to finance the right, if he continues to plan for a conspiracy, I will not hesitate to expel him once again,” he said. Morales also stated that the right does not know how to coordinate attacks against his government, which is why, in his opinion, the US is responsible for helping with these efforts.

“The right has no idea how to attack us,” he said. “Who prepares them to attack us? The United States Embassy.”

Brennan has been criticized in the past by the Bolivian government for his position on political issues such as the crisis in Venezuela. This time around, Morales didn’t provide further details about the type of “conspiracy” that Brennan might be involved in.

Brennan is currently serving as the top diplomat in La Paz, after Morales expelled former-Ambassador Philip Goldberg in 2008 for allegedly encouraging a wave of anti-government protests. Despite Morales’ threats, Brennan was already scheduled to leave the Chargé d’Affaires position voluntarily in December.

Morales published an alleged investigation this year with help from Ambassador to Cuba, Juan Ramón Quintana. It said the United States is an “enemy” of Bolivia. The research, titled “A century of Interventions by the United States,” details alleged US interference in the internal affairs of Bolivia through diplomatic delegations, financial institutions and cooperative agencies.

Similar to the Cuban and Venezuelan dictators before him, Morales has swayed his people to dislike the United States for its opposition to a “socialist revolution.” In order to reinforce these ideas in Bolivian society, Morales has decreed that reading of propaganda is mandatory not only in the Armed Forces, but also in schools. He also claimed that the United States seeks to “recolonize” Latin America and the Caribbean.

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