More Diplomats in Cuba Claim to be Victims of “Acoustic Attacks”

American and Canadian diplomats in Cuban have been the victims of strange hearing loss (
American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba have been the victims of strange hearing loss (Twitter).


The CBS Radio reporter who broke the story about alleged “acoustic attacks” in Cuba against both US and Canadian diplomats, reported that the number of people affected has now risen from two to eight or nine.

“One of the affected officials has been deaf for ten months,” and “it is feared that [the injury] will be permanent,” said the journalist citing an anonymous source.

The source also noted that the cause of the hearing loss “was described as potentially acoustic devices operating at an audio frequency that humans can not necessarily hear.”

He also said that the alleged device are capable of causing “painful migraines of several hours duration and insomnia, eventually resulting in hearing loss.”

“The Cuban authorities are responsible for discovering who has carried out these attacks, not merely against our own diplomats, since, as you can see, there are other cases with more diplomats involved,” said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The cases of affected diplomats “have been increasing until as recently as last June,” the anonymous source said, noting that although “the Department of State began receiving these reports by the end of 2016,” it is possible that “the problem continues to this day.”

According to a specialist at one of Australia’s leading universities, “it is possible to conceal within the walls [of diplomats’ homes], horns capable of emitting, for a long period of time, low frequency sound waves that could escape detection”…this, “taking into account that the houses in Havana are provided by the Cuban government,” he said.

However, the expert also clarified that he was only speculating, since he had never heard of such an event before.

The increasing number of victims is sure to fuel further demands for an investigation in Washington and Ottowa.

Sources: Diario las Americas, Marti Noticias

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