Venezuelan Supreme Court Moves to Replace Attorney General as Protesters Clash in front of Public Ministry

“Supporters of the regime push the opposition, remove their signs and beat them.” (Twitter)

EspañolThe Public Ministry of Venezuela said its headquarters were “under siege” by protesters, who were attacking employees as they left the building, according to its Twitter account.

Tweet: URGENT Our main headquarters and employees are under siege and under attack by violent groups.

According to local media reports, pro-government groups approached the headquarters of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and attacked the protesters.


Journalist Luisa Solomon recorded the events, in which officers can be seen pushing female members of the opposition who were there requesting help from the police.

Tweet: Regime supporters push the opposition around, removed their signs and beat them. Only 3 police are involved and are not controlling anything.

Tweet: Regime supporters with sign slogans against the Public Ministry and request “justice” in front of headquarters.

The journalist also denounced the same government-supporting group’s harassment of the press.

Tweet: Regime supporters take over the entrance of the Public Ministry and harass the press.

Protests at the Public Ministry occurred at the same time as a meeting of the country’s Supreme Court to discuss a request made by Deputy of the United Socialist Party Pedro Carreño, who said a preliminary hearing should be called to consider whether Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz is fit to continue serving in her position. She recently spoke out against President Nicolás Maduro’s regime.

The meeting was announced on the Supreme Court’s official Twitter account. They ultimately decided to hear the case.

Tweet: The Full Chamber of the Supreme Court presided by Maikel Moreno summons an extraordinary session. Addressing request to judge the merit of the Attorney General of the Republic.

Luisa Ortega Díaz, who for many years was a key piece of the Chavez regime, could be evaluated psychologically on the grounds that she took actions against the Constituent Assembly convened by President Nicolás Maduro and therefore “threatened peace.”

“It’s proof that this woman is not in her right mind,” Carreño said.

Sources: El Nacional; Efecto Cocuyo; El Universal

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