Mexican Priest Stabbed after Alleged US “Artist” Tried to Slit His Throat

Ciudad de México
The 28-year-old assailant arrived at the Mexico City Cathedral, and as he stood in line to take communion, he pulled out a dagger and tried to slit his throat (Twitter).


On Monday, a priest was stabbed while celebrating Mass in Mexico City’s Metropolitan Cathedral. The assailant was identified by local authorities as John Rene Rock Schild, an artist of American origin. However, the National Security Commission said that he is, in fact, a French citizen.

Miguel Angel Machorro, the priest, was offering the communion to the parishioners at 6pm when Rock Schild approached him and tried to slit his throat.

Witnesses present said that the aggressor approached the priest, drew a dagger and took him by the head to slit his throat, but the priest resisted and tried to free himself.


The cleric was wounded, and ended up fainting, while members of the Federal Protection Services at the cathedral managed to subdue the attacker.

The priest’s current condition is serious, and he suffered heavy bleeding during the assault. He was attended by two good samaritans on the scene until the Red Cross paramedics arrived.

Local authorities said that “the accused, who said his name is John Rock Schild, told authorities that he is as an artist from the United States and that he would exercise his right to remain silent.”

Armando Martinez, a lawyer for the archdiocese, said: “We are going to continue investigating this attack and we ask authorities to clear the area, to proceed with investigations immediately tonight, so that mass can continue as usual on Tuesday and the cardinal can arrive on Sunday,” he said.

Martinez further added that the violent attack was an isolated incident, and that there had never been recorded another attack of this nature on the church grounds.

Source: Milenio

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