Uruguay: Legal Marijuana Offers Better Prices than Black Market

By: Karina Martín - May 15, 2017, 4:53 pm
“People in Uruguay may choose to continue with drug trafficking because they do not trust the registration process” (Flickr).


The marijuana that the Uruguayan state will sell in pharmacies from next July, will be competitive in terms of costs and quality compared to black market marijuana.

According to the representative of the Movement for the Liberation of Cannabis, Bruno Calleros, the price of marijuana in pharmacies will cost up to three dollars less than illegal marijuana.

The price of “USD $1.30 per gram in pharmacies is really competitive in comparison with black market marijuana of similar quality, flowers on the black market sell for between three and four dollars per gram.”


In Calleros’ opinion, buying marijuana this way for both medical and recreational purposes, will attract more buyers than the other two options granted by law (for clubs and home-growing).

“Many more people will use this avenue for their marijuana needs than the clubs and home-growing because it is a much more practical way of access for people who do not want to plant or join with others to form a club, it is a more universal way to access,” he said.

Up until Wednesday, May 3, and only two days after the opening of the register of marijuana buyers, there were 1,120 purchasers (people who will buy marijuana in pharmacies).

Meanwhile, there are 6,646 home-growers and 51 clubs registered in Uruguay.

“Registration will have to do with the fact that the product that is sold in pharmacies satisfies the user, the quality control tests: taste and smell have been good, but there can be a bad harvest or a good harvest,” he said.

“It seems that it will be competitive, people may choose to continue with drug trafficking because they do not trust the registration process, but (personal information) is protected by the habeas data law, so that only a judge could reveal that information with justified reasons,” he said.

Source: República.

Karina Martín Karina Martín

Karina Martín is a Venezuelan reporter with the PanAm Post based in Valencia. She holds a bachelor's degree in Modern Languages from the Arturo Michelena University.


ELN Responsible for Another Attack in Colombia Despite Ongoing Peace Negotiations in Ecuador

By: Felipe Fernández - @Ffernandezp - May 15, 2017, 3:57 pm

EspañolColombia's ELN guerrilla group have attacked another rural village — this time in the northeast Department of Santander, Teorama. However, the exact date and details have not been confirmed. Javier Petro Peña, a soldier, was attacked by a sniper while working security for the Caño Limón Coveñas pipeline. It has been the subject of controversy because it allegedly denies access of local water to an estimated 4,000 people. Read More: Cloud of Secrecy Obscures Colombia’s Human Trafficking Blight Read More: Donald Trump Skips Another White House Tradition: Cinco de Mayo The attack was perpetrated by members of the Hector Front of the ELN Persistent Threat System that is located in La Magdalena. In a statement for the radio station La FM, Brigadier General Hugo Alejandro Lopez, Commander of the Vulcan Task Force, expressed his dismay at hearing of the tragic event. "Unfortunately, this man in uniform was killed," he said. "He was a victim of the persistent threat of the ELN."   "We reject these armed groups' cowardly actions, who attack their own people, and we will continue to move forward in the Catatumbo, because we will not allow ourselves to be push overs to these criminals," he said. There have been similar attacks recorded over the last two weeks. On Sunday, May 14, an explosion was reported at the headquarters of the Eighth Armny Brigade in the eastern department of Arauca. No injuries were recorded at the time of the detonation. The army holds guerrilla member Rafael Villamizar of ELN accountable. "This is proof of how indiscriminate this armed group's actions are," Task Force Command Chiron said. "It attacks families that reside in the area with no contempt." The ELN is currently negotiating with the Colombian government in Quito, Ecuador. However, they have said the violence will continue until there is a bilateral ceasefire. The government has said in past occasions that it will not be intimidated by this type of behavior and that the ceasefire will be done when it is considered pertinent. There have been several attacks since the opening of negotiations in Quito. Source: La FM, El Espectador, RCN Radio

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