Ecuador Court Rejects Opposition’s Request to Nullify Presidential Election

Ecuador Court Rejects Opposition's Request to Nullify Presidential Election
Former opposition candidate to the Vice Presidency, Andres Paez(Radio morena)

EspañolA court has rejected a petition to nullify the second round of Ecuador’s presidential elections.

President of the National Electoral Council Juan Pablo Pozo said the petition was filed Friday, April 21 in a court that handles contentious elections. It was filed by opposition candidate to the Vice Presidency Andres Paez, but the courts rejected it due to lack of evidence.


Tweet: Important: The TCE notified the CNE about the “nullification resource” presented by A. Paez Creo/Suma. No proof attached.

The opposition resorted to filing a petition after repeatedly challenging the results of the presidential elections last April 2, in which Lenin Moreno was declared winner with 51.15 percent of the votes and opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso received 48.85. percent.

According to opposition alliance CREO-SUMA, 4,200 ballots had irregularities.

The opposition requested a recount, but the Electoral Council rejected it for lack of legal evidence.

Lasso denounced the Electoral Council’s partial count of ballots, calling it a “show” orchestrated by the ruling party Alliance PAIS.

According to Lasso, the Council only carried out a revision of altered ballots, but the only way to maintain transparency is to count them all again.

Sources: El Nuevo Herald; El Comercio.

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