Leftist Allies of Venezuela’s Maduro Call Pressure from OAS “Perverse”

Leftist Allies of Venezuela's Maduro
“We have witnessed the OAS’ obscure compromises and even the fickle manipulation of its rules, as well as the perverse, unworthy and insane actions of its Secretary General,” Cuban Foreign Minister. (flickr)

EspañolMember countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for America backed Venezuela in response to international pressure this Monday, April 10.

ALBA-TCP is a block of nations established in 2004, consisting of Cuba, Venezuela, Antigua and Barbuda, Bolivia, Dominica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Pomegranate.

At the 15th BAA Political Council, the nations came together and discussed Venezuela’s recent presence on the international stage, thanks in part to the actions of Secretary General of the Organization of American States Luis Almagro.

“We have witnessed the obscure compromises of the OAS,” said Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez at the opening of the event. “And even the fickle manipulation of its rules, as well as the perverse, unworthy, and insane action by its Secretary General, a puppet of imperial interests, Miami political mafias and vulgar mercenaries.”


The meeting sought solidarity with the members of BAA that favor Chavez’s legacy, including Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela, as well as several small Caribbean countries.

The nations offered support in response to a group composed of the United States, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica and 10 others across the Americas, which have approved a resolution denouncing a “violation of the constitutional order” in Venezuela.

“It is a plan aimed at the disintegration of the great homeland,” Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said. “They found a block of contention here, a strength of the principles that inspire us, the identity of our peoples, principles based on the self-determination of our peoples, independence and sovereignty.”

The member countries denounced a “new onslaught of imperialism, transnational capital and national oligarchies” against the leftists of the region, and “arbitrary US sanctions against Venezuela.” In addition, they agreed for issuing a declaration of their support for the Venezuelan regime.

Sources: El Nuevo Herald; Gestión; El Universal.

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