Cuban Opposition Activist Eduardo Cardet Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

Cuban Opposition Activist Eduardo Cardet
“The way they issued and manipulated the case is absolutely shameless.”. (libertad digital)

EspañolAnother Cuban dissident has been sentenced to prison — this time for three years.

National Coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement Eduardo Cardet has been sentenced to prison, according to his wife Yaimaris Vecino.

The ruling is based on charges of manipulating information without taking into account the defense’s witnesses’ testimonies, she said.

“As we expected, this has been another tool to hold him back as long as possible” she added, saying the Cuban government has bene looking for a longterm solution to holding back her husband’s activism.


“The way they issued and manipulated the case is absolutely shameless,” she said.

She said they will continue to fight the regime, call for his release and demand a fair trial.

Cardet, of Velasco, has been in prison since November 30, 2016 for attacking a government agent after returning for the United States, where he criticized the legacy of the late Fidel Castro. His wife claims that it is a “fabricated crime.”

Amnesty International has called for Cardet’s “immediate and unconditional release” as “a prisoner of conscience” who was imprisoned “solely for the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression.”

Human rights organizations, inside and outside Cuba, legislators and politicians in the US like Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Rick Scott have also spoken out against the incarceration of Cardet.

Sources: Cubanet; Martí Noticias; Diario las Américas.

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