Guillermo Lasso Denounces Lilian Tintori’s Expulsion from Ecuador

(la patilla)
Opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso suggested that if Ecuador continues on the same road, it will end up like Venezuela. (la patilla)


Ecuadorian opposition presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso, expressed his solidarity with Venezuelan Lilian Tintori, who was denied entry by the Ecuadorian government this morning.

Via Twitter Lasso said:

What happened to @liliantintori confirms that there is no rule of law in Ecuador. If we continue on this path, we will end up like Venezuela.

Shortly afterwards Lasso commented that the reason why Tintori, wife of Venezuelan political prisoner Leopoldo Lopez, was banned from entering, “is due to the same reason why Lenin Moreno does not want to debate me, fear of our ideas which expose their lies and make them face reality.”


Likewise, the presidential candidate accused the government of violating human rights, and said that this is a sign that “Ecuador lives under the dictatorship of a political party.”

Official declaration concerning this morning’s events with @liliantintori upon arriving to Ecuador. Ecuadorians, it’s time to CHANGE.

On Wednesday, March 15th, Lilian Tintori denounced that:

“We are arriving to our our sister nation Ecuador, and our passports were taken away by immigration officials, they have us detained at the Guayaquil airport. The authorities will not let us in. By orders of Rafael Correa’s government we were denied entry. In customs, I was told that I had no access and that I had to return. What are they afraid of? […] They do not let me in because change is coming in Ecuador.”

We were harassed at airport in Guayaquil by immigration officials. We were recorded and our passports were retained. Ecuador’s government violates human rights.

Guillermo Lasso is currently locked in a close battle with former vice president Lenin Moreno in Ecuador’s presidential election, which will be decided on April 2. Lasso is a prominent banker, and the former governor of Guayas, Ecuador’s largest province.

Sources: La RepúblicaPanorama

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