Maduro Claims Peruvian President Advocates for US Military Intervention in Venezuela

By: Karina Martín - Mar 8, 2017, 12:24 pm
US Military Intervention in Venezuela
According to Maduro, PPK is vying for American military intervention in Venezuela (la república)

EspañolVenezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said this week Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is “encouraging” US President Donald Trump to carry out military intervention in Venezuela.

“Take good care of what you say, Mr. Kuczynski, take care of what you do, because forces a thousand times stronger will rise against you,” Maduro said. “Enough with the hatred, enough with the attacks.”

The warning came in response to a note sent by Peru to Venezuela in protest of a diplomatic dispute involving Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez’s comments about PPK.

“I know about everything you are doing, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, because whoever messes with Venezuela ends up dry,” Rodriguez said.

On February 25th, at Princeton University, PPK called Latin America a “friendly dog” to “highlight the fact that Latin America as a whole is an area that does not have any problematic issues with the United States, compared to the crisis in the Middle East, Syria, etc.”

However, neither Maduro nor Chancellor Rodriguez liked PKK’s statements.

“He dared to attack Latin American people and I say that the only friendly dog here is him,” said the official at a forum held in Caracas.


“He’s just another puppy that became one of the empire’s dogs in the Organization of American States,” Rodriguez said in reference to OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro.

“They are the only two who wag their tail in a friendly way to please their imperial masters,” she added.

In view of these remarks, PPK decided to call his Peruvian ambassador in Caracas to say that Venezuela’s statements are “insolent and unacceptable.”

“Who said cheeky expressions here? The President of Peru Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, against all of Latin America and the Caribbean. A movement must be lifted against his remarks,” Maduro said.

“I asked him to publicly correct the mistake he made by describing the people of Latin America as ‘dogs.’ Not even the worst dictators dared to refer to our peoples as dogs.”

Sources: El Universal; Perú21; Diario Correo.

Karina Martín Karina Martín

Karina Martín is a Venezuelan reporter with the PanAm Post based in Valencia. She holds a bachelor's degree in Modern Languages from the Arturo Michelena University.

Ecuador: Democratic Left Candidate Moncayo Will Support Lasso to End Correismo

By: Karina Martín - Mar 8, 2017, 12:14 pm
Former presidential candidate Paco Moncayo has given a big boost to Guillermo Lasso (

Español The presidential candidate for the Democratic Left, former Quito mayor Paco Moncayo, announced that he will give his vote to the opposition candidate, Guillermo Lasso. "The Sandinista-Chavista-Correista movement does not want to give up power, Alianza Pais wants to stay in power forever," commented the ex-candidate for the National Agreement for Change. Read More: Meet Guillermo Lasso, Ecuador's Best Hope to End a Decade of Socialist Rule Read More: Ecuador's Ruling Party to Face Guillermo Lasso in Second Round Election And he added that their "fraud is not only with regard to counting votes, all of the actions of correismo are fraudulent." Moncayo explained that in his opinion Lasso is the "lesser evil" and that he is the necessary candidate in order to restore democracy in Ecuador. The ex-candidate added: "I will not campaign for Lasso, but I will defend democracy, liberties, the Ecuadorean people, and its armed forces, which have been so battered." Guillermo Lasso, for his part, immediately thanked Moncayo for his support. Moncayo's announcement was made less than twenty-four hours after President Rafael Correa fired the Army Commander, General Luis Castro Ayala, who had warned of security breaches with regard to the chain of custody of voting materials during the first round elections on February 19. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1459522593195-0'); }); According to Castro Ayala, the army did not maintain the chain of custody of the ballot boxes after the electoral process. The chain of custody should always include the presence of the armed forces as a guarantee to safeguard the will of the people. Former Guayas governor Guillermo Lasso and former Vice President Lenin Moreno are locked in a hotly contested second round election after neither candidate won in the first round election. Ecuadorians will head to the polls on April 2, to choose between the candidates of Movimiento CREO, and Alianza Pais, respectively. Moncayo's announcement is of particular significance because he originally pledged that he would support neither candidate. The support of the Democratic Left standard-bearer may change the dynamics of the race, and is a positive sign for Lasso, who most analysts say has a slight edge heading into next month's election. Moreno leads in a poll conducted by the Centro de Investigacion Social, while Lasso leads in a poll by the Cedatos firm. Sources: La Republica, El Diario, El Universo

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