Bolivian President Has “Benign Tumor” in Throat according to Health Minister

President Evo Morales
Morales has a “small and benign tumor” that has made his voice sound rough in recent weeks. (TN)

EspañolPresident Evo Morales has a tumor in his throat that must be operated on in surgery by a doctor in Cuba, Bolivian Minister of Health Ariana Campero said.

Morales has a “very small, benign tumor” that has made his voice sound rough in recent weeks, Campero said.

“A nodule of one to two millimeters in size has been found in the vocal cords, in the larynx, which will require him to undergo an operation in April,” he said. “The information provided by doctors is that it is a benign nodule.”

Campero explained the Morales did not have immediate surgery, as he was undergoing a different medical treatment that had to be completed.

The medication will last about a month to first heal his sinusitis, as well as his viral infection, and then he can undergo surgery.


Campero asked that people not to make speculations about the president’s health, assuring everyone that the president “is in very good spirits” and is complying with the doctor’s orders to heal properly.

According to Morales himself, the operation will not last more than 15 minutes.

“The doctors found a small nodule in his vocal cords that they could have removed now, but since I am on medication, it will be take place in about a month,” the president told local press.

Morales, who said he was “very disciplined” in listening to what doctors say, stated that he has “rested a lot” because he believes that only “strength can get him out of this.”

Source: Cubanet.

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